Ultrasurf 9.5 with “Green Tsunami” Released

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A new version of Ultrasurf, the free hide IP tool, is ready for download. The new release does not bring major changes (except for “Green Tsunami”): the same user interface, the same functionality, the same pros and cons as the previous versions (Pros and Cons of Ultrasurf 9.2). Learn about Ultrasurf 9.5.

What is Green Tsunami?

Green Tsunami” disables the monitoring of “Green Dam”, the censorship software developed with the support of the Chinese government. This way Chinese users are still able to use Ultrasurf.

Ultrasurf 9.5

Green Dam is a filtering solution that was announced as mandatory to install on every PC sold in China. Green Dam was designed to filter and block a much wider range of content than pornography, including FreeGate and UltraSurf, two of the most popular anti-censorship software tools developed and supported by GIF.

GIF has developed counter-measures to Green Dam, and released Green Tsunami which gives users options to temporarily disable the monitoring of “Green Dam,” or to completely purge it from their computers.

Ultrasurf 9.5 alternatives

Generally speaking Ultrasurf 9.5 is not the best solution when it comes to speed. It is true you may not expect much. It is free and it is used by thousands of people (probably more) at any time.

What are the alternatives? Try a free VPN service or go for paid subscription. There are plenty of good VPN providers that you can use. They offer superior speed and connection reliability. Here are several such VPN services that I recommend at this time:

VPN Provider Price
HideMyAss from $11.52/month
ibVPN from $4.95/month
NordVPN from $10.95/month
IPVanish from $10/month
PureVPN from $9.95/month
ExpressVPN from $12.95/month

Another alternative is to subscribe to a VPN service that offers free trial. You may find here a list.

Have you tried Ultrasurf 9.5? Have you find it useful? How is the speed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

>> Download Ultrasurf 9.5


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  • sathya768 Sep 27, 2009

    hi there,
    In my college we have tried Gpass,Freegate,Your freedom, ultrasurf etc .. but none is working. All proxy websites are also blocked .So we could not browse freely for our conivients.In college they are using LINUX SEVER(think version 4). So please help me and tell me how to unblock all the websites…Any one please Help me…

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