Pros and Cons of Using Tor

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Tor is one of the most popular hide IP tools as it is free and it allows users browse in (almost) total privacy. Learn about Tor pros and cons.

What is Tor? 

Tor Pros and ConsTor improves your security and your privacy through a network of virtual tunnels. With Tor, you have anonymous outgoing connections along with hidden services to protect not only your privacy but to give you more protection against traffic analysis attacks.

Like any other solution, Tor comes also with several downsides you should be aware of. Here is a list of pros and cons for this tool.

Tor Pros and Cons


  • It’s completely free;
  • Encrypts all traffic (incoming and outgoing) between his nodes;
  • It is virtually unbeatable (if properly configured)


  • The configuration is not trivial;
  • The performance is unpredictable as it depends on routes between the Tor network nodes;
  • Not suitable for P2P applications such as Torrent;
  • It only protects applications that are configured to work through Tor. No automatic configuration.
  • As written on Tor’s Downloading page: “While Tor blocks attackers on your local network from discovering or influencing your destination, it opens new risks: malicious or misconfigured Tor exit nodes can send you the wrong page, or even send you embedded Java applets disguised as domains you trust.”


To sum up, Tor offers great privacy, it’s free, but it’s not very easy to use and the speed is unpredictable. Below you can a look at a schematic description of the way Tor works (Source:

Tor alternative – I2P Darknet

An alternative to Tor is the I2P Darknet network. It works in a similar way to Tor but it is considered better when it comes to anonymizing your online presence, downloading torrents and sending secure email. In the same time, Tor is a great tool for bypassing geo-restrictions.

Are you using Tor? What are the pros and cons that you take into account? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • metrony May 1, 2009

    which isbest tthen, tor or notmyip? i need to change ips weekly

  • HideIP Admin May 6, 2009

    @metrony – It’s try to tell which is best. They are both good. I’ll try to write a post about this next week.

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