How to Use a Tibia Proxy


Tibia ProxyTibia is a huge online multiplayer computer game which is hosted on internet servers. In order to play Tibia, you need to connect to the TCP port 7171 on the server. Depending on which ISP you’re with will affect whether or not you can play the game or if you’ll be blocked by a proxy server or network firewall. Learn about Tibia proxy.

What is Tibia proxy?

If you decide you would like to avoid this problem entirely then you can choose to set-up a “Tibia Proxy” which basically is a special internet server that doesn’t require you to have a port 7171 connection. Alternatively, the Tibia proxy server will request to be sent through other ports (like 80) which most likely won’t be blocked by the network.

How to set up a Tibia proxy

In order to set-up, a Tibia Proxy all you have to do is obtain a list of the currently open Tibia servers and their IP addresses and then configure your client to use them. The list of the active servers will constantly be changing and it will need updating all the time. Also when you’re choosing a Tibia Proxy choose wisely because some of them are out there to steal your accounts amongst other illegal activities. You will stay away from these servers, try finding a friendly server that you can use all the time and it that would be best.


With Tibia being such a popular online game it’s really important that you maintain account security. People may try luring you into bad servers and this could be the end of your account if this happens.

Play it safe and set-up your own server to play on and then you won’t need to worry about misdoings. Tibia Proxies are powerful tools and in the wrong hands can cause quite a bit of unnecessary damage.

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  • rikuu Dec 18, 2011

    I changed my IP using proxy servers, but i can’t connnect tibia with more clients because op too many clients on that ip.. , it’s just that i think the tibia server is detecting my real ip adress.. How can i add ip proxy adress to tibiaclient^?

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