Things To Watch for New Year’s Eve

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New Year 2012December 31st, 2011, New Year’s Eve would be celebrated throughout the World with lots of parties and kiss at midnight (wow, invoking kiss on such a technical blog is a bit weird. πŸ™‚

With mobile that has come part of our daily lives, it is expected that there’ll be a lot of pictures and video updates that will be uploaded on different social media platforms. So for once, let’s not focus on privacy, but rather adopt the opposite way: let’s see how we can get the most exposure for our pictures and whereabouts, from the perspective of selected platforms. This, in fact, relies on what the social media addict guys call “buzz“. So let’s see some of them and give a basic use (I’m definitely sure that some readers of are more “addicted” and well-versed into these systems – so feel free to jump in and add your own thoughts).

So you want everybody to know where you’re spending the New Year’s Eve? Or even better, you want people to know the different places that you’ve been to for this crazy night? Then don’t forget to use one of the check-in services that are available out there.


Foursquare is one of the most popular, and it’s better used with a mobile phone that has GPS capacity: this way, you only have to check-in to a place – you can even take a picture to give your friends and connections a preview of what’s happening where you are. Hey, who knows, you may even find out some other Foursquare people who checked-in into the same place.

Facebook Places

On the Facebook side, the check-in solution is related to Facebook Places: you can now update all your status updates with a location. Foursquare and Facebook Places can be a bit limited in terms of “reach” since only people who are connected with you can “see” the updates that you have sent (I know it can be shared, but heck, we want everybody to know how great our new year’s eve is, don’t we- so we want people, even if they aren’t even our connections/friend list to be aware).


Now, if all that matters to you is to upload some pictures and try to get some buzz around it (you know, the kind of pictures that can go viral: those that make people laugh, or wonder), then you may want to use Twitter. The trick is to identify the hashtag that people in your city have adopted for “covering” their new year’s eve party. So let’s say for example, that you are in New York, the famous Time Square Ball rolling New Year’s party can be followed via the hashtag #TimesSquareNYE2012 – so now, if you are in New York and want to “benefit” from this popularity, all you have to do is upload a picture on twitter (via Twitpic, Instagram or other) about the party that you have in some other place then add the #TimesSquareNYE2012 hashtag : a lot of people following that hashtag would then bey!

Those are only a few tips that actually don’t care at all about privacy since you want the opposite effect: you want your minutes of fame πŸ˜‰ Go and have fun and here’s to a great 2012 New Year’s Eve!

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