The New SmartHide Internet Traffic Encryption Software Is Here

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The new SmartHide release is announced to bring some more present-day innovations and changes. Learn about the new features.

What’s new?

The following features have been added:

  • Secure Personal USA IP Subscription (visit YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, other US sites);
  • Long-awaited Mac OS X Compatibility;
  • 3 Fast Servers for the Free Online Anonymizer.

Also SmartHide now has a modern website and software design and the tariff plans are more reliable.

SmartHide Homepage Redesign

Smarthide Release

SmartHide homepage was redesigned to make it more user-friendly and modern. Octopus symbolizes the main concept of SmartHide – the ability for the Internet traffic encryption and to hide IP like octopus does mask his skin.

Personal USA IP launched

The Personal USA IP to visit USA websites from different countries like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Bebo, Hi5, eBay, CraigsList, Hulu and MORE was launched.

Updated Subscription Plans

Smarthide Release Plans

At the moment there are 2 types of paid services: Personal Subscriptions and Prepaid Licenses.

Personal Subscription includes 3 more types: EUR (Personal EUR IP, no shared servers available); USA (Personal USA IP, no shared servers available); V.I.P. (Personal EUR IP, Personal USA IP + 8 shared IPs from different countries).

Prepaid Licenses consist of 2 classes: EUR License (Personal EUR IP, no shared servers available) and USA License (Personal USA IP, no shared servers available).

The differences between Personal Subscriptions and Prepaid Licenses are as follows:
Prepaid Licenses do not include Shared Servers, Your card is NOT billed automatically and there is no Personal Manager.

SmartHide software skin has been rebuilt

Now SmartHide release has a new face. New appearance of the software is closely connected with the new original website design. The GUI of SmartHide release has been styled this way in order to provide users with all SmartHide features in a simple way.

A new info tab has been added to show the account info and latest SmartHide news. Therefore, there is no need to visit SmartHide Homepage in order to get additional info.

SmartHide Supports Apple Mac OS X

After numerous requests from our customers and Internet users, they have created SmartHide MacOS edition. Today all Mac PC owners can easily use SmartHide for Internet traffic encryption and to hide IP on a daily basis.

FREE SmartHide Online Anonymizer now has 3 FREE servers (USA, Lithuania, Germany).

Free Online Anonymizer can be used to get the main idea of the SmartHide service. It has some limitations:

  1. No ability to access social sites such as YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, etc.
  2. No Internet traffic encryption
  3. Slow Internet speed
  4. Real IP address is hidden only when you are using browser. In all other software connected to the Internet a real IP address is visible (email clients, IMs, etc.)

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