The Impact of Hadopi and MegaUpload Closure on VPNLifeguard Downloads


VPNLifeguard recently published some interesting stats that show an important increase of the application downloads related to the introduction of  Hadopi in 2010 and the recent MegaUpload closure.

What is VPNLifeguard

VPNLifeguard is a free application that makes sure your computer does not access the Internet when your VPN connection drops. Thus it prevents unsecured connections after your VPN disconnects. The application is very useful for browsing or goes behind a P2P VPN without being exposed during disconnection issues.

Advantages of VPNLifeguard

  • It’s free!
  • Blocks P2P traffic in case of disconnection of the VPN
  • Protects browsers (and other apps) for possible disconnection of your VPN
  • Supports VPN protocols (PPTP – L2TP) that appear in the “network connections” for Windows.
  • Automatically reconnects the apps

VPNLifeguard stats

The stats published by VPN Lifeguard show that both Hadopi and the closure of Megaupload increased the number of downloads. This is the case for VPN Lifeguard and it’s probably the case for the major VPN services list.

Hadopi start

MegaUpload closure

All these anti-piracy actions are more and more driving the Internet users towards anonymity (hide IP) applications. Recently, TorrentFreak reported that 15% of US file-sharers are using a VPN or a proxy service. I’m sure that this number will heavily increase in the next months both in the US and Europe.

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