The Chrome Incognito Mode – How to Remain Untraceable

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You’ve probably wondered how you can anonymously surf the web without leaving any traces of sites you visited and what you did. Unless you delete your history, cookies and other information that is automatically stored on your computer after closing the browser, you pretty much are vulnerable to anyone who wants to track you down. In addition, most websites will save this information without your knowledge to keep track of your visits. Fortunately, there is a way around this problem and it is called the Chrome Incognito Mode.The Chrome Incognito Mode

How to remain untraceable

The Google Chrome browser helps you manage your private information and protect that information when you are online in a way no other browser has done. The different features available in incognito mode are exactly what you need if you are looking remain untraceable in the event that the FBI or your nosy friend decides to check out what you have been up to.

For example, you can open two Gmail chat sessions, one in the normal browser window and the other in the incognito mode allowing one to be tracked and the other to be untraceable. There are other ways you can use this feature and leave no trace of your online activities.

How to use the Chrome Incognito

The incognito mode can be launched anytime even when the normal browsing mode is on. For example, if you see a link that you want to visit but that you do not want to be tracked or its information saved on your computer, all you have to do is simply right-click the link and select “incognito mode”. This will allow you to surf the website contents without the fear that your history or cookie information is being tracked or saved.

What if you want to start Google Chrome in Incognito Mode by default?

Start Google Chrome in Incognito ModeSimply, create a Google Chrome shortcut and place it in the desired location, preferably on your desktop. Rename the shortcut to something like “Incognito Chrome”. Right-click the shortcut you have created and select “Properties”. A “Private Chrome Properties” box pops up and under the “Target” section, you will see the path to the Chrome browser. Now, this is where you change the settings. At the end of the path, add the following:


Click “OK” to save the changes. You are now ready to surf in incognito mode by default every time you open the browser using the shortcut.

Are you using Chrome Incognito? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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