The Best Hide IP Software of 2008 (Poll Results)

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On 8th of December, I have started a poll to find out what is, in your opinion, the best hide IP software of 2008. I have listed 16 well know products available on the market, both free and paid. Here are the tools that have competed for the title of “The BEST Hide IP Software 2008”: Anonymity Gateway, Anonymizer Surfing, Easy Hide IP, GPass, Hide IP Browser, Hide IP Platinium, Hide-My-IP 2008, HotSpot Shield, Invisible Browsing, IP Hider, IP Privacy, JAP, OperaTor, SmartHide, Ultrasurf and xB Browser.

And the winner is …

For 23 days, 351 voters have answered to my call and they have decided: there are 2 tools that deserve the title of “The BEST Hide IP Software of 2008” – UltraSurf and IP Hider. Both, have received 44 votes, representing 13% of the total.

The BEST Hide IP Software 2008


UltraSurf is an excellent hide IP software that you can use to browse anonymously and it is FREE!

More on UltraSurf:

IP Hider

IP Hider is one of the simplest hide IP solutions that I ever used. Available for download from, it uses several premium proxies to hide your IP address. IP Hider is a shareware product and the annual license is available for $29.95.

More on IP Hider:


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  • Paul Jan 15, 2010

    Come on it’s 2010 now – how about an update – best of 2010 and weed out the self-promoters. I have had great trouble finding out whther Ultrasurf is good or bad depending on which story you believe. I tried it briefly and kept gettin my web pages redirected which alarmed me, but it appeared to be easy to uninstall – or perhaps some of it is still lurking!!

  • HideIP Admin Jan 15, 2010

    @Paul – The post was on 3rd of January 2009 🙂 If you want to get up to date info take a look to the latest stories.

  • Jarrod Jul 18, 2010

    @Paul – Whatever it is, I think the best Ip Hiding software of 2010 is Hide My Ip 5.2

  • Crapola Aug 1, 2010

    UltraSurf shouldn’t even be on this list – it is garbage and doesn’t work properly. If you want to post in forums, forget it. Surfing is fine, but not for posting. Very misleading software.

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