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Update: If you are looking for proxy add-ons that work on Firefox 57+ you should check this post.

As you probably know already, the SwitchProxy add-on does not work with Firefox 3.0. Jeremy Gillick has not updated this great add-on from November 2006, so, obviously, there is no update for Firefox 3.0.

What is SwitchProxy?

For those who never heard or used it, SwitchProxy is a nice tool that lets you supervise and switch between several proxy configurations promptly and without any difficulty. As I explained in the previous post (How To Hide Your IP Using SwitchProxy Firefox Add-on), SwitchProxy is ideal for those interested in hiding their IPs by using proxies.

So, what to do if you upgraded to Firefox 3.0 and still want to use the SwitchProxy add-on? 

Here is what you can do:

1. Use Multiproxy Switch, which is based on SwitchProxy, and it can work on Firefox 3.0 (I will come back with more details about this add-on in a later post).
2. Use the upgrade for Firefox 3.0 proposed by random($foo). Here is the direct download link for SwitchProxy for Firefox 3.0.

I hope that Jeremy Gillick will find time to upgrade SwitchProxy in the near future, as it would be sad to have this great add-on dead and buried. 🙂

Do you need SwitchProxy for Firefox 3.0? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Surfing!

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  • abbas Jul 21, 2008

    hi there
    some one unknown hacked me and that address is :

    united stae

    please help me remove that hackers

  • McFred Aug 10, 2008

    you can try multiproxy switch, it fixed several issues, and now it makes firefox start up faster
    homepage: http://switchproxy.googlepages.com/

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