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Update: SurfProxy is no longer available. You should check other hide IP tools.

A new hide IP tool has been released on the market: SurfProxy. I found out this tool on DigitalPoint and it sounds interesting as it is freeware.

SurfProxy - New Hide IP Tool

Here is some info from the product description:

SurfProxy is an application created to help you access websites from your office,home or school when they are blocked by firewalls and website filtering software. This ‘Freeware’ had a function of changing the IP address that was used to access website,this used proxy that was met free.

You can visit sites like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Stumble Upon, Digg, and your Favorite Forums with absolutely no problems.

SurfProxy was released in December 2008 and it looks very similar to another product that I have tried, called Hide-IP-Browser. It’s a small browser that uses proxies in order to hide your IP address.

I have downloaded the product and found out that it does not require installation. This is very nice as it can be copied to a USB or other portable devices and used “as is”. So far, so good.

The first unpleasant surprise was related to the user interface: it has a lot of bugs as the window maximization and the URL typing.

SurfProxy Bug

The second unpleasant surprise: SurfProxy loads a lot of sites before it loads what you want to see. Moreover, the proxies are very slow so the product is almost useless.

Conclusion: I think I will wait for the next version of this product.

To sum up, SurfProxy is not a hide IP tool that I recommend. At least not this version. There are a lot of things to be improved:

  • the user interface (fix the bugs)
  • proxy speed (add some premium proxies)
  • remove the “promoted” sites loading (find another way to show ads)
  • make sure that using SurfProxy does not change the connection settings for the other browsers (e.g Internet Explorer)

SurfProxy looks more like a promotion tool than like a hide IP software.

>> SurfProxy site

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