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Several days ago, I have run into SurfAnonymous, another hide IP software. I was excited at first but after several minutes of usage, I was rather disappointed. SurfAnonymous is a nice product but it is rather unstable.

What is SurfAnonymous?

Here is some info about this software (as advertised) on the producer’s site:

SurfAnonymous is an internet utilities that hide your IP address, thereby saving you from the vulnerabilities concerned with it.


What can you use it for?

SurfAnonymous is useful if you need to:

  • change your IP address
  • browse anonymously on the web
  • unblock websites ( chat, game servers, message board, forum)?
  • look for FREE Proxy List?
  • hide your OS & Browser Version while browsing?
  • run Programs (MSN .etc) behind firewalls?
  • to hide your IP while chatting in MIRC, ICQ, MSN, Kazaa…etc?

You can download the trial version from here. You can purchase a license for $29.95.

Important! The first step after you install the product is to press the Demo button. A video that explains how to use the product will be launched.

Before being able to hide your IP address you have to perform several steps like:

1. Search the net for proxies (using Proxy Hunter)
2. Analyze the speed, type, location of the available (Proxy Analyzer)
3. Set up the applications to use proxies even if they do not support it by default (Proxy Capture)
4. Manage your proxies and eliminate bad proxies (Proxy Pool).

Finally, you can start browsing anonymously.

Things I liked

  • It can be used for applications like MIRC, ICQ, MSN, Kazaa
  • You can easily choose the application you what to anonymize. Nice PICK feature.
  • Useful proxy hunter and analyzer.
  • It includes a demo video that explains how to use the product (Demo)

Things I didn’t like

  • It stopped several times
  • A little bit too complicated for the average user
  • During the trial, the session is limited to 10 minutes and the Save option is disabled.

To sum up, even SurfAnonymous has some nice features I would wait for the next versions to be released. It is not very reliable and stable.

Have you used SurfAnonymous? What do you think about the product? Let me know! Post a comment!

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