How To Setup StrongVPN With OpenVPN On Linksys WRT54GL + DD-WRT Firmware

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This tutorial shows how to setup StrongVPN on a Linksys WRT54GL router with DD-WRT firmware. Step by step StrongVPN DD-WRT tutorial.

Three steps are needed before starting: you must download both software and a file.

1. Download NotePad + + => more convenient than the Windows Notepad, more ergonomic.
2. Download Putty => Will not connect via SSH to your router and install the file.
3. Ask the support of  StrongVPN file to configure a router with  DD-WRT firmware => This file installs the OpenVPN on your router.

Router Configuration

Log into your router ( with your Login and Password.  In the Services tab / / Services, Secure Shell and System log must be enabled (Enabled).


Then in the Administration tab // Management, you enable SSH Management and reboot the router.

dd-wrt strongvpn

Configuration via Putty

After installing Putty, in Host Name, put your local address of the router.  Here it is


Then click Open, a security window will open, and then you click YES. A DOS window opens it and puts your login and password for the router.

Putty StrongVPN

Then copy & paste this famous file.  Confirm with Enter.  Close the window, reboot your router.

In order to stop OpenVPN copy this script: killall openvpn in your command line (Administration tab // Commands).


It is quick and easy to configure, the speed and configuration are stable. StrongVPN through their script provides a simple and effective solution.  If you want a router with DD-WRT firmware in OpenVPN, enjoy StrongVPN and its OpenVPN offer to $ 10 per month (less than $ 100 for the year).


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