SOPA – Know the Supporters of Both Sides

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The SOPA bill (AKA H.R 3261) will go for voting on January 24th, 2012. The debate and discussions are getting hotter; an increased number of people and organizations raise their voice and mobilize U.S citizens for or against the passing of that bill. Learn about the SOPA supporters of both sides.

I know some of the how-to-hide-ip readers may wonder why I continue covering that SOPA topic which is happening in the U.S. Simply because this goes far beyond the U.S territory. Just because you are not in the U.S doesn’t mean that you’re not subject to the application of this bill should it pass.

Against SOPA

On the business side of things, news is reporting some very popular radical stand vis-à-vis the SOPA: for example, Godaddy initially publicly supported SOPA, but then, once the community started targeting them, and especially when a high number of their current customers have decided to move away from Godaddy’s services, they decided to publicly claim that they are against SOPA. We aren’t going into the details about knowing if that decision was taken for commercial reasons instead of conviction.

On another side, Reddit, the popular user-curated news site has decided to blackout his services on January 18th to show their protest against SOPA. This is a courageous move, and while people are expecting a similar move from big internet companies, it is expected that there will be more mobilization for the coming weeks to put the pressure on. The site maintains a list of people and organizations that are actively involved in combatting SOPA.


People supporting the SOPA are also active. Since we have issued a list of people against SOPA, here is the counterpart: those who are supporting the SOPA bill. Just for the note, interestingly, as I searched the internet, I didn’t find a lot of “news” showcasing people/organizations supporting SOPA.

I know, I may not have used the proper search terms, but anyway, it makes me think that since we’re on the internet, and that SOPA deals with internet censorship, could it be that the internet has “censored” SOPA supporting news? I know, this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but I’m sure there’s a lot of convincing/support for SOPA in the offline world that aren’t reported on the internet. If you find some of them, I’d love your comments about it in this article.

SOPA Supporters – Pro & Against SOPA Funding

Another interesting aspect is the funding of pro and against campaigns. VentureBeat has published some interesting figures on the reported contributions. For example, SOPA supporters have donated nearly 2 million dollars to the congressional sponsors of the bill.

SOPA Supporters

This SOPA debate isn’t finished yet, and it will surely be a centerpiece for this year’s US presidential campaign.

As I mentioned it in the introductory note of this article, this H. 3261 isn’t bound to the U.S territory. As a how-to-hide-ip reader, how do you feel about it? Do you think the results for this bill will ever have any impact on how you’ll use the internet further on? If so, let us know how.

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