SOPA Battle – Worth a Hollywood Movie Script

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SOPA BattleThis SOPA deal is bringing high politics to the face of lambda internet users. Hadn’t it been for real, the scenario could (or is it already?) inspire some Hollywood film producer – or not, since Hollywood is one of the major stakeholder in this SOPA battle.

So let me try to be a film writer here. I’ll probably get a the worst mark on this essay, but anyway I’ve never read any movie script, nor did I even had any literary courses 🙂

The background

The legitimate need to protect content creators from online piracy has made them want to find some solutions to ban it. The solution they’ve found is to pass a law that allows US legal entities to bring down any website that’s considered as a “rogue website”. Well, if I were a great movie script writer, I would have codenamed it something like “project Octopus” or something more fancy than SOPA, but anyway. Or is it that H.R 3261 sounds more enigmatic? Hmm, Octopus would have given more latitude to the jacket designer although it may sound a bit obsolete (may remind some people about an old James Bond movie).

To add more excitement to the movie, we need to involve some high-level politics. That’s great since 2012 is presidential election time in the U.S . This is great as Obama’s administration finally made a stand on the SOPA battle.

The Obama’s administration stand

Don’t get lost yet. I’m still thinking out loud for my scenario here. So in need to find some inspiration, and inspiration comes from actual facts. So, in real life, the Obama’s government had finally made a stand on SOPA. As it is common with diplomatic language, it has found the words to keep the discussions going. The statement says that “important task of protecting intellectual property online must not threaten an open and innovative internet.”

The rising voice against SOPA from big internet companies

While it is clear that a big part of the internet world has been very talkative for their movement against SOPA, they take some differentiated stand. One one side, we can count the most aggressive anti-SOPA proponents who plan a shutdown on January 18th: reddit, boingboing, cheezburger, and even Wikipedia: the founder of Wikipedia tweeted to students to do their homework earlier since Wikipedia would shutdown on January 18th. On the other hand, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, for example,  prioritize business: he says Closing a global business in reaction to single-issue national politics is foolish.

Well, back to my movie, this debate between the anti-SOPA proponents can take at least 15 Minutes of back-and-forth discussions and meetings as well as online jeremiades.

The pro-SOPA stand

On the pro-SOPA front, they’ve joined the online discussion bandwagon about SOPA. One of the icons, Rupert Murdoch has been actively tweeting his stand: he just doesn’t take it lightly (ooh, movie addict would love that character): he just fires at Google and Obama administration.

So far, the SOPA has been shelved (for now), but the story ain’t over yet. And instead of making it a one-shot movie, I’m just considering preparing the second opus already… This is getting really interesting.

Now …

Who’s the actor  to be playing into that movie?

Hey, come one how-to-hide-ip readers, vote for your actors 🙂 This can be fun. I know, it’s a topic that shouldn’t be joked about, but isn’t it the “magic” behind Hollywood movies? So now, your role is to distribute the roles, and find a great finale for this movie about the SOPA battle.

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