As smartphones are more and more popular these days we thought it would be a good idea to talk about ways of making them safer. Learn how to improve the security of your smartphone with Privacy Blocker.

Smartphone’s main problem

The main problem with the smartphone (especially with open software philosophy like Android) is the software itself. Almost anyone can publish anything for a user to download and install. This means you do not really have a proper control about applications, what they do exactly on your device and how do they interact with other applications and data on your phone.

You probably heard about “Trojans in Android Market” in recent days. This means that you should really think before you install a new app from a small, unknown developer. Also, even after the purge in the market how can we be sure that new doggy software will not be introduced? Has that nothing been left unnoticed? That stuff we already have in our phone is safe?

Well… simple answer is that you cannot be sure about any of those things. In order to help you stay more secure and more private, we would like to show you (thanks to an article at Android Authority) an application that might help with that.

Privacy Blocker – Full online protection

Privacy Blocker (as it is advertised on the market) “ is the only way to fully protect you and stop apps from gathering your personal information. Privacy Blocker reveals all your apps dirty secrets and then safely fixes them so you can still use your apps with an assurance of full protection. Keep your device safe and your personal information secure today!

Privacy Blocker features:

  • Scan apps for problems
  • View details of your apps “dirty secrets”
  • Fix specific problems you don’t want
  • Install and backup fixed apps
  • Send results via E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Uninstall the unwanted app(s)

Privacy BlockerBefore we will share with you our thought about this app, read what Android Authority has to say about it: “We, like many of you, are concerned somewhat whenever we install a new app and read the desired permissions. It’s unbelievable that some apps “need” to know your phone number or that they “need” to know where I am located. All in all, we wouldn’t recommend this for novice users, but it’s still a great app. It has the potential to make some apps angry, because once they are “fixed”, will cease to function without access to certain sets of data. We have no doubt that once the database of good and bad apps grows, this app will be nothing short of amazing.


Now, as much as we think the idea for an application like this is truly great and the concept uses full there is one thing that bothers us. How do we know what is this application actually doing in/with our system and data?

Maybe it would be wise to do a bit more research before you click to install or give it a bit more time to see (by comments from other users) if it is actually working as advertised. Anyway, we just wanted to make sure you know there are risks involved with an ownership of a modern phone and that there is a software that looks helpful, the final decision is obviously yours to make.