SmartHide Mobile VPNSmartHide team has released a new version of its Internet privacy creation – SmartHide. This is SmartHide VPN that has been added to every Subscription as an addition without extra charge. Learn about SmartHide mobile VPN.

A new SmartHide creation

A new version of SmartHide is called SmartHide VPN and has been released on 5th of December, 2011. It is created to fulfill the ability to use SmartHide on Android and iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad).

SmartHide Mobile VPN features

New SmartHide VPN has many interesting features that make it very useful for Internet users. General features of SmartHide VPN:

  1. Every active SmartHide user gets SmartHide VPN free of charge. From now on, every active and new SmartHide user can use standard SmartHide for PC or Mac, and SmartHide VPN for iPhone, iPad and for any Android device.
  2. IP address stays the same. It means that SmartHide registered user will be able to use the same IP address that he owns in standard SmartHide Subscription for any tablet or Android device. This fact makes it possible to get several connections to the same SmartHide Personal IP from PC/Mac and from a mobile device. It is very useful if you surf sites connected to a particular IP.
  3. As always, SmartHide protects internal and external Internet traffic through its encryption. It secures regular Internet data and the data going through the free Wi-Fi access points in public places.
  4. Everyone can set up SmartHide VPN on any device that supports the PPTP protocol. It can be iPad or Android smartphone.

All in all, SmartHide VPN will help every SmartHide user to access favorite sites and apps from anywhere on the Internet on PC/Mac and smartphones/tablets without extra charges with unlimited bandwidth. SmartHide secures HTTP(S) browsing for all your apps and protects your privacy and security.

You can use SmartHide Mobile VPN all your iOS and Android devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You just need to register any available subscription and choose a preferable instruction for setting up SmartHide VPN.