Arovax SmartHide is an excellent solution for complete anonymity and protection while staying online.

SmartHide main features

SmartHide exposes 2 core features:

1) It protects your identity by hiding your IP address;
2) It encrypts your current network connection.

The application is not intended to change IP address many times, but to hide IP address using one of the secure servers to give every user a protected anonymous surfing.

What is SmartHide Free Trial Edition?

The new SmartHide Free Trial Edition allows evaluating the power of SmartHide Service. In order to access the trial, all you need is to download SmartHide Free Trial Edition and install it on your computer.

SmartHide Free Trial Edition

The installation is smooth with no confirmation E-mail, no multiple forms to fill, or secure passwords to remember. All you need to do is enter your E-mail during the installation, and SmartHide will do the rest. Just a few clicks and SmartHide is ready to use.

Trial SmartHide account is alive for 3 days after the registration. As soon as the trial period expires, one can register a full version of SmartHide.

Limitations of the SmartHide Free Trial Edition

Here are the limitations of the new SmartHide:

  • 1 USA shared server (used by all trial users);
  • No ability to send emails using SMTP protocol;
  • It is impossible to visit HTTPS websites;
  • Time in use limitation (periodical disconnections with a trial server);
  • The option “Automatic connection” is not available for the trial server;
  • The option “Reconnect” is not available on the trial server.

How to install and use SmartHide

SmartHide has a very easy-to-use interface and is very simple to set up. The first step you need to do is to register for one of the available packages:

  • Personal Subscription ($14.95/month)
  • Prepaid License – ($9.95 – 1 month)
  • Regular Subscription ($9.95/month)

Then, you need to access the Members Area. After the authorization, you can download the latest paid version of Arovax SmartHide. During the install, you will be required to enter your login and password.

As I previously said, the user interface is very intuitive. You need to choose an IP address/location and then press Make me invisible. When you need to return to the normal browsing press Make me visible button.

SmartHide Giveaway

The available IP addresses are from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Malaysia. The last ones did not work for me, but the US servers are quite good (as you can see below in the speed test results). I was able to even watch Hulu smoothly.

Speed test for US server:

SmartHide Giveaway Speed

Hulu with SmartHide

Watching Hulu with SmartHide:

SmartHide Giveaway Hulu

SmartHide allows port forwarding

Port Forwarding is a technology, which allows connecting from the Internet to your local Computer behind NAT (NAPT). The access is achieved by means of directing traffic of certain Ports from external IP address of a router to a chosen computer in the local network.

Such forwarding is necessary if you, for example, use peering networks or are in need of setting up a server with access to the internet on a local computer. Also, port forwarding is often needed for multiplayer online games (MMOG).

SmartHide Port forwarding

SmartHide Portable Edition

SmartHide Portable Edition allows you to turn ON quickly a safe data transfer in different public places and internet access points all over the world even easier than ever before!

SmartHide Portable does not require installation! Just insert your flash card and launch SmartHide and stay protected and anonymous in the Airports Worldwide, Hotels, Cafes, Wi-Fi Zones and other places to access World Wide Web. Wherever you are – it takes just one button click to get access to blocked web-resources around the World and gain complete anonymity and personal information protection.

Arovax SmartHide Portable Edition is available free of charge for all current clients of SmartHide Service and can be downloaded from SmartHide Members Area.

SmartHide Personal USA IP Service Features

Here are some core features of the Arovax SmartHide Personal USA IP Service:

  • Personal Dedicated USA IP address on a powerful and extremely fast server with Unlimited traffic;
  • Personal Support Manager;
  • Access and Visit US-Only Restricted Websites (Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Veoh, ABC, CW) from Outside of United States;
  • Personal IP address in any spot of the Planet;
  • Safe data transfer in the Airports, Hotels Worldwide and everywhere you use SmartHide;

SmartHide Mobile VPN features

New SmartHide VPN has many interesting features that make it very useful for Internet users. General features of SmartHide VPN:

  1. Every active SmartHide user gets SmartHide VPN free of charge. From now on, every active and new SmartHide user can use standard SmartHide for PC or Mac, and SmartHide VPN for iPhone, iPad and for any Android device.
  2. IP address stays the same. It means that SmartHide registered user will be able to use the same IP address that he owns in standard SmartHide Subscription for any tablet or Android device. This fact makes it possible to get several connections to the same SmartHide Personal IP from PC/Mac and from a mobile device. It is very useful if you surf sites connected to a particular IP.
  3. As always, SmartHide protects internal and external Internet traffic through its encryption. It secures regular Internet data and the data going through the free Wi-Fi access points in public places.
  4. Everyone can set up SmartHide VPN on any device that supports the PPTP protocol. It can be iPad or Android smartphone.

All in all, SmartHide VPN will help every SmartHide user to access favorite sites and apps from anywhere on the Internet on PC/Mac and smartphones/tablets without extra charges with unlimited bandwidth. SmartHide secures HTTP(S) browsing for all your apps and protects your privacy and security.

You can use SmartHide Mobile VPN all your iOS and Android devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You just need to register any available subscription and choose a preferable instruction for setting up SmartHide VPN.

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