Slovenian Proxy IP AddressBy using a Slovenian proxy, you may browse using a Slovenian IP address and unblock streaming sites or get access to geo-restricted forums. Learn how to get one.

What is a Slovenian IP address?

A Slovenian IP address is assigned to an ISP or hosting provider from Slovenia. The most common Slovenian IPs have the following format:

  • to (Telekom Slovenije)
  • to (SI.MOBIL)
  • to (Telekom Slovenije)
  • to (T-2)
  • to (Telekom Slovenije)

Are you interested in finding more info regarding the Slovenian IP blocks? You may find them here.

What is a Slovenian proxy?

A Slovenian proxy is a proxy that is hosted on a server that has Slovenian IP address. There may be web proxies or open proxies. Let’s take a look at the various options. is a proxy hosted on a server from Slovenia (actually is the first Slovenian proxy that I find). As any other proxy, allows you to surf the internet anonymously, faster or access web pages plus allows you to browse as a person from Slovenia.

Another web proxy you may use is Unfortunately, it does not seem to be very reliable.

A different approach is to manually set up a proxy to your browser. Here is what you have to do step-by-step:

  1. Find a Slovenian proxy in a proxy list.
  2. Choose a proxy (you should go for High Anonymity proxies).
  3. Manually setup your browser of choice to use the proxy. You may find below browser tutorials.
  4. Check your new visible IP address.

Step-by-step tutorials for manually setting up a proxy on different browsers:

Important! Before using free proxies make sure you read: Risks of using a proxy site.

Slovenian proxy alternatives

If you are not happy with the free proxies you find on the Internet you may always switch to a premium solution. VPN services not only provide a faster connection (thus they are more suitable for online streaming), but they are also more reliable.

There are not many VPN providers that offer access to Slovenian servers. However, I was able to find a short list: HideMyAss, PureVPN, ExpressVPN.

Happy surfing!