Rumor: BBC iPlayer Coming to the U.S.


Similar to Hulu, the BBC iPlayer allows UK residents to watch BBC programming online, but it only works UK  users. This is due to the fact that UK citizens pay taxes that support BBC. Will there be a US BBC iPlayer?

US BBC iPlayer

There are rumors reported by The Telegraph that the BBC is in negotiations with Google to roll out an international version of the iPlayer. It’s possible that the international version to include advertising or a subscription fee.

BBC content is also available on YouTube in the UK, but only in short clip format. This step would mean BBC shows could be seen globally in their entirety on the iPlayer platform supported by YouTube.

Until this rumor becomes reality (if it does) you can access BBC iPlayer using Anonymity Gateway as described in one of my previous posts: How to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK or using a VPN service with UK IP.

What do you think of the rumor reported by The Telegraph that the US BBC iPlayer is coming?

>> Via The Telegraph


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