Q&A: Are There Services in the Netherlands that Will Provide Dyn IP?


Q: I’m hosting a public domain on an Apache web server behind my DSL dyn IP. I’m using DynDNS’ name servers while running their update client on the web server. My question: are there services in the Netherlands or other protected Countries that will provide Dyn IP update and also hide my IP by relaying or bouncing my website out of a proxy server?

A: We are unaware of such a service. The fact that you are using a server that has a dynamically allocated IP address “is forcing” you to use a tool – like DynDNS that reroutes the traffic to your real IP address. Hiding the IP address in this situation and running the website at the same time is actually not possible (as far as we know).

This topic is very interesting and we suggest to provide us more details (like IP ranges that you are using) and exactly how do you think that such a service should work – in order to have the website running and the IP address protected and we can do the following:

  • write a post on our blog
  • provide the best info that we have
  • with the help and the comments from other users we might find/develop a working solution

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