What is a PHProxy?

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The Internet should be freely accessible to everyone, no matter where and when, this is one of the main ideas of it, and this is why it works so great. There are some limitations that are put upon us by governments, CEO or other “important” people that would like to stop us to view specific websites. But there are ways how to get around such limitations and this article will show you how to use a PHProxy, a website script that hides your identity and allows you to access and use blocked sites.

What is a PHProxy?

A PHProxy website is a proxy will offer you an entry field, where you enter the HTTP address of the website you would like to connect to.

But it does not only hide your identity, it also does other things like removes all the client-side scripts (scripts that should run on your computer) but still allows HTTP cookies. Other features that a PHProxy script offers by default are: it shows images and refers websites in HTTP headers, strips meta HTML tags and the website’s title and it opens the entered URL in a new window.

The benefits of using a PHProxy

With that, you will be able to use Youtube, Facebook, or other websites that are often blocked. It should not be that way and this is why there are so many PHProxy scripts out there to use for free.

How to find a PHProxy

If you would like to use such a script you should look for one on the Internet. There are basically millions of them free to use. And they are really easy to use because all you have to do is just to enter a website’s address into the entry field and you will be taken to the website. Or you may find them on proxy lists like xRoxy.

Install your own proxy

If you have access to a web server you may install your own proxy. Simply download the proxy script and proceed with the setup. You will end up with your own PHProxy that can you can share with your friends. Enjoy!

Are you using PHProxies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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