Password Protect Google Chrome Browser

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To what extent do we guys think in order to save our browsing history? You do visit websites that you want your parents not to be aware of. One option that you have is to clean up history and temporary files. But everyone does that! You are different so why not do something different? How about password protect Google Chrome browser?

Simple Startup Password for Chrome

No one, I meant it, no one will be able to access your browser forget checking your browsing history! I guess I am using a lot of exclamation marks but I am excited about this add-on! 🙂

Download Simple Startup Password For Chrome

Password Protect Google Chrome

How to password protect Google Chrome

Once you down downloading the extension for chrome then you know what you have to do. Install it! Once you are done installing the add-on then follow below steps:

  • Go to Settings > Tools > Extensions
  • Look for Simple Startup Password and click Options
  • Setup a password for your browser.

Now, whenever you open Google Chrome then it will ask for password and if you enter the wrong password then the window will just close!


You dare not forget your password otherwise you will lose access to your browser instantly. Cheers!

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