Open and Decentralized DNS (ODDNS) For Easily Bypassing Internet Censorhips

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Discussions over internet censorship on the websites from the West have become a widespread topic over the web for the past few weeks, including the established restrictions at China and Iran. As people grew to learn more on the best weapon to battle this censorship, a brand-spanking new P2P system called ODDNS hopes to put control on the free use of internet back into the hands of the people worldwide. The web’s DNS which translates human-readable URLs into IP addresses so that web users can locate more websites has been a battleground for censorship for the past few years.

To curtail growing attempts at censorship, numerous alternative DNS systems have been proposed with the focus on those that cannot be messed with by the authorities. Now comes, ODDNS – from France.

ODDNS - Open and Decentralized Censorship

ODDNS goals

ODDNS otherwise known as Open and Decentralized DNS is an open as well as decentralized DNS system operating on the P2P or Peer-to-Peer format. Its pioneer, web genius Jimmy Rudolf, said he created the system having two goals in mind. First of all, to show governments that it is not possible to prevent people from talking. Second is for the interest of anyone who owns and maintains their domain names, so they can regain absolute control of them.

How does it work?

ODDNS works as an app that enables everyone operating the software to share information about domain names with each other, much like the way the P2P network operates. ODDNS can be an auxiliary or at best replace the usual DNS. Since domain names and pertinent IP addresses are shared among peers within a network, they may not be censored. Moreover, purchasing a domain name from a registrar is no longer required as people operating ODDNS can create and maintain their very own.

Yet underway, as anticipated the source code to ODDNS shall be licensed under GNU GPLv3. PCinpact claims that the current ODDNS website will be updated in the next couple of weeks and the first beta release of the software shall follow afterward. Undeniably, the success of the project will rely heavily on the developer’s ability to overcome the technical obstacles, and, importantly, in the event, they can win enough people to come on board and stay.

The drive to adhere to this type of system will be propelled by necessity thus, various other censorship will become this and other comparable campaigns’ compelling reason.

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