Online Privacy – A Significant Concern for Web Users


A recent study by Burst Media, conducted in December 2008, takes a closer look at consumers’ understanding of online privacy. The results of the online survey show that a majority of users are aware that a lot of sites and ISPs log and share information about their online activities. Over 80% of web surfers are concerned about online privacy.

Most Web Users Believe Web Sites are Tracking Their Surfing Behavior

Three out of five respondents say it is likely that a website collects non-personally identifiable information (PII) – such as a visitor’s geographic location or type of Internet connection. A very interesting result shows that concern rises with age and only about half of all respondents under 24 thought that websites collect non-personally identifiable information. 70% of the older respondent over 55, on the other hand, thought that websites tracked non-personally identifiable information.

Online Privacy

Web Surfers Not Willing to Give Up Privacy for More Relevant Advertising

Burst Media also looked at people’s sentiments about targeted advertising. Only one-in-five (23.2%) respondents would not mind if the non-personally identifiable information was collected if ads were better targeted. The survey also has shown that women (26.7%) were clearly more concerned about this than men (19.9%), and older respondents were more likely to disapprove of websites collecting non-identifiable information in return for more relevant ads.

Source: ReadWriteWeb and BurstMedia

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