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Update 2/5/2011: NotMyIP and Anonymity Gateway are not available anymore. You should check HideMyAss, ibVPN, ExpressVPN or other hide IP tools.


Several weeks ago, has released a new and free hide IP tool called NotMyIP. I have already tested it and written down my conclusions. Privacy-Gateway also promotes a commercial hide IP tool, Anonymity Gateway. Let’s take a tour and see what are differences between NotMyIP (free) and Anonymity Gateway (commercial).

notmyip vs anonymitygateway

First of all, both applications are effective tools for hiding your IP address. The functioning principle is the same: they use proxies to hide your real IP address. Your traffic is driven by these proxies and you are not identified correctly by the sites you visit. It’s that simple!

NotMyIP vs Anonymity Gateway

Let’s see how several features that may help you compare NotMyIP and Anonymity Gateway:

Feature NotMyIP Anonymity Gateway
Application Type Freeware Shareware – $33/year
Includes Premium Proxies Yes Yes
US Proxies Yes Yes
UK Proxies No Yes
German Proxies No Yes
Dutch Proxies No Yes
Ireland Proxies No Yes
French Proxies No Yes
Canada Proxies No Yes
You can add your own proxy No Yes
Auto browser configuration Yes Yes
Works with Internet Explorer Yes Yes
Works with Firefox Yes Yes
Works with Opera Yes Yes
Works with Chrome Yes Yes
Blocks Invasive Code No Yes
Works on Vista Yes Yes


Both solutions are good for hiding your IP address. If you want to hide behind a US IP address, NotMyIP will perform just fine. If you need other IP addresses from UK, Canada, France, Netherlands, etc. you may consider Anonymity Gateway.

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  • San Diego Web Designer May 15, 2009

    NotMyIP is the best and easiest tool I ever found and used, I’m really impressed – thank you very much for introducing it on your post!

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