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Later Edit: NotMyIP is not available anymore. You should check ibVPNHideMyAss or other hide IP tools.


First of all, I have to say that I love free products. has released last week a free hide IP solution, called NotMyIp. Learn about NotMyIP pros and cons.

NotMyIP Pros and Cons

I have tested it since then and here is the list of pros and cons I have come up with:

NotMyIP Pros and Cons


  • It is FREE!
  • It hides your IP address.
  • Very simple and easy UI. Suitable for beginners. No user guide needed.
  • It provides fast, premium proxies
  • It works with all browsers tested: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. No need for manual configuration.
  • It does not need any add-ons to run with Firefox.


  • The proxies are from the US only
  • There are only 3 proxies available. More in the commercial version, called Anonymity Gateway.
  • Only English user interface is available
  • Not suitable for P2P applications

To sum up: welcome NotMyIp! It’s great to have another great hide IP software on the market. Let’s hope more proxies will be available in the next versions and they will continue to be fast.

What do you think about NotMyIP?

Have you used NotMyIP? What do you think of it?

>> NotMyIP Home | Download NotMyIP

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  • sherlack daddy Apr 29, 2009

    hey great product. The coolest feature is it is VERY EASY to use.
    But the con as you said, it provides only 3 proxies. But if you want PANDORA outside US, it works.

  • HideIP Admin Apr 30, 2009

    @sherlack daddy – You are right. The product is very good for Pandora.

  • xavier Jul 1, 2009

    Will this software work in India

  • HideIP Admin Jul 1, 2009

    @xavier – I am almost 100% sure it does.

  • Rabbit Aug 18, 2009

    Is there a Mac version???

  • HideIP Admin Aug 19, 2009

    @Rabbit – No Mac version for this tool. Try Freedur. Not free, but a good application.

  • timzeto Nov 1, 2009

    I am from canada. My computer is behind a router. Zonalarm as firewall.

    After I change my ip, cannot get any page to display.

    Adding another trusted zone for the new IP still same.

    Any comment please

  • Malik Apr 11, 2010


    Avira Premium Security Suite says the download site is “The requested URL was identified as a potentially harmful website…”

    Any ideas…?

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