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Later edit: NotMyIP is not available anymore. You should check ibVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPNHideIpVPN or HideMyAss.


I’m glad to be the first blogger that writes about a new tool that can be used to browse anonymously by hiding your public IP address. NotMyIP is a new hide IP tool, and the best thing is that it’s FREE! has released, NotMyIP, a new and free tool that can be used to hide your IP address and browse anonymously. The product is straightforward, similar to other free tools like UltraSurf or GPass.

Notmyip - Free Hide IP Tool

From the press release:

The simpler it is – the better it is! Internet users do not have to spend time learning complex strategies to achieve their purpose. They only want to hide IP. Is this too much they’re asking? “Not at all!” thought Privacy-Gateway when started developing NotMyIP. Only press one button and the real IP is hidden. A new (fake) IP will guarantee users anonymous web surfing while hiding IP. What can be easier that this? And to make it even better, it uses an exclusive list of premium proxies in order to provide a new IP.

Getting started

First, you have to download it. The installation is straightforward, follow the instructions. After the installation is completed you will see the following screen:

To hide your IP, the only thing you have to do press the Change IP button. To check your new IP address visit site. That’s it! It automatically configures all browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. No need to worry about this anymore.

When you what to browse with your real IP address click Restore IP button.

NotMyIP Pros and Cons

Here is the list of pros and cons I have come up with:

NotMyIP Pros and Cons


  • It is FREE!
  • It hides your IP address and allows you to surf anonymously.
  • Very simple and smooth UI. Suitable for beginners. No user guide needed.
  • It provides fast, premium, quality HTTP proxies.
  • It works with all browsers tested: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. No need for manual configuration.
  • It does not need any add-ons to run with Firefox.
  • It overcomes censorship.


  • The proxies are from the US only.
  • There are only three proxies available. More in the commercial version, called Anonymity Gateway.
  • Only English user interface is available.
  • Not suitable for P2P applications. If you are interested in anonymous torrenting, you should check some P2P VPN providers.

To sum up: It’s great to have another excellent hide IP software on the market. Let’s hope more proxies will be available in the next versions and they will continue to be fast.

Ultrasurf vs. NotMyIP

Ultrasurf and NotMyIP are two very similar tools to hide/change your IP address. Because Ultrasurf is very well known and consequently blocked by many security products and filter, NotMyIP has gained a lot of popularity lately.

Free Hide IP Tools

On, the home of NotMyIP, I have found an interesting comparison between the two free hide IP products. From the very beginning, Privacy-Gateway team declares that NotMyIP was not built to replace Ultrasurf but more as an alternative when Ultrasurf is blocked.

Further, here is the comparison as found on

NotMyIP Ultrasurf
Free hide IP tool Yes Yes
One click IP change Yes Yes
Changes your IP to a US one
Yes Yes
Changes your IP to a non-US IP address
No No
Clears your browser cookies No Yes
Automatically configures IE
Yes Yes
Automatically configures Firefox
Yes No, an add-on must be installed.
Automatically configures other browsers Yes No, manual configuration is needed.
Seen as malware by security solutions
Not yet Very probably
Blacklisted IPs No Most of them (every version exposes different IPs)
Speed Medium Medium

NotMyIP vs. Anonymity Gateway

Both applications are practical tools for hiding your IP address. The functioning principle is the same: they use proxies to protect your real IP address. These proxies drive your traffic, and you are not identified correctly by the sites you visit. It’s that simple!

notmyip vs anonymitygateway

Let’s see how several features that may help you compare NotMyIP and Anonymity Gateway:

Feature NotMyIP Anonymity Gateway
Application Type Freeware Shareware – $33/year
Includes Premium Proxies Yes Yes
US Proxies Yes Yes
UK Proxies No Yes
German Proxies No Yes
Dutch Proxies No Yes
Ireland Proxies No Yes
French Proxies No Yes
Canada Proxies No Yes
You can add your own proxy No Yes
Auto browser configuration Yes Yes
Works with Internet Explorer Yes Yes
Works with Firefox Yes Yes
Works with Opera Yes Yes
Works with Chrome Yes Yes
Blocks Invasive Code No Yes
Works on Vista Yes Yes

What do you think about NotMyIP?

To sum up, is NotMyIP useful? Is it working for you? What features do you think should be added?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • paz May 8, 2009

    TR/Spy.Gen>>>>Side effects:
    • Steals information

    avira detect it as a virus why??

  • HideIP Admin May 9, 2009

    @paz – Unfortunately, most hide ip tools are seen as viruses. This is due to the fact they try to change the proxy settings for your browser.

  • absar May 25, 2009

    paz – Unfortunately, most hide ip tools are seen as viruses. This is due to the fact they try to change the proxy settings for your browser

  • paz May 25, 2009

    thanks absar….. but as i know there are some programs thats i can use without the anti virus detect it as a virus like ultrasurf and other even if they try try to change the IP…… so what the deference?!

  • ron Jun 4, 2009

    I installed this tool, then uninstalled it. Now I cant get online anymore.
    I tried pinging websites and I was able to ping. But none of my browsers load a webpage. So technically i am connected to the internet, but this tool has changed my browser proxy settings and wont let any webpage load.

  • HideIP Admin Jun 5, 2009

    @ron – As far as I know NotMyIP does not change the browser proxy settings. Try to restart your computer. If it does not solve your problem write to support team from Privacy Gateway. They will be able to solve the problem.

  • sergei Aug 13, 2009

    Uhm.. does Russia available in NotMyIP?

  • Revizionist Aug 30, 2009

    Hello guys… please give me some advise.
    How it´s possible ,that you recognize my IP, although I installed this program? Of course i changed my IP, but you still recognize my authentic IP… some idea what I´ve done wrong?
    I have only two guesses: I´m browsing with SRware Iron – ,but it has the same base as Chrome. And the second is,that I have Kaspersky 2010…maybe it should blocked its automatically configures,but there was no reaction ,that something going wrong from Kaspersky.
    Sorry for my english and thanks for answer 🙂

  • HideIP Admin Aug 31, 2009

    @Revizionist – It is possible that NotMyIP does not for you. It may happen.

    You could try Ultrasurf or Hotspot Shield.

  • Pal Sep 14, 2009

    Please when i click on change ip in Notmyip, it says (change ip failed try again later). Also when i checked my ip it gives me which is differant from the one given to me. Please what should i do?.

    Also ultrasurf both old and new does not work in Ghana, it can not connect. Any help with that?. Thanks

  • HideIP Admin Sep 15, 2009

    @Pal – I am not sure why NotMyIP and Ultrasurf do not work for you. Are using Vista?

    You could try using Hotspot Shield or HideIPVPN.

  • Tester Oct 24, 2009

    I am big on privacy. Do not like snoopers. Who does? I try to block to prevent spam and such and my methods work most of the time, but easier to use an all-in-one program to change/mask my actual IP for me and I am all set.
    I tried this program. Very simple. What I can not figure is why the service, amplusnetprivacytools.exe, that got installed with the program, can block all net access unless it is stopped. Sometimes it does not, sometimes it does, whether or not the IP is changed or back to normal. I have tested this in dozens of ways. In all cases of it blocking net access, masked or actual IP, stopping the services allows access again. This test has been conducted on XP Pro SP3. Not yet tried Vista Ultimate SP2 or Windows 7 Ultimate (planning to do them both tonight at some point).
    If testing continues to work for me, and I find out how to keep the net up from this service, I may keep this one.
    If stars are to be given, for the moment, 3/5. I take off two points because, 1, it stops my entire network access, and, 2, I can not find (on their site) what information they collect from me.
    Thanks, all.

  • Angel Oct 27, 2009

    Hi. I’m using NotMyIp but I’m afraid. I don’t live in the US but on an island in the indian ocean. That software changed my IP by using an US proxy. I use dial up connection. Can my ISP remark that my IP changed?

  • HideIP Admin Oct 27, 2009

    @Angel – The ISP is able track your online activity, but it is not very likely. My advice is to make sure you do not perform any illegal activity.

  • Angel Oct 27, 2009

    @HideIP Admin – Will my ISP know that I have changed my IP by using NotMyIp tool?

  • HideIP Admin Oct 27, 2009

    @Angel – The ISP is able to detect that you are using a proxy, but it is not able to detect the product you are using.

    Also make sure you read this post:

  • Angel Oct 27, 2009

    So, can I get problem with my ISP if I’m using a proxy? I have phoned my ISP to know if its legal but they told me that I have a dial up connection and my IP can’t be changed! However, it did change!

  • HideIP Admin Oct 27, 2009

    @Angel – You will not have any problems if you are using a proxy unless you use it for illegal activites.

  • Angel Oct 27, 2009

    A last question! My ISP told me that its impossible for a dial up connection user’s IP to change. So how can mine have changed? Or NotMyIp only covers your REAL IP by a fake one and thats why on my ISP’s server shows only the real IP but not also the fake one?

  • Tester Oct 27, 2009

    I could be wrong with today’s dial up methods, but it is my understandings that the IP changes every time you dial up anyway. Unless it is a static IP given to you, a dynamic IP will change all the time (reboot, reconnect, etc).

    A quick test would to be online normal (not using the masking program). Just be online as you normally do. Go to for a quick IP check (this assumes no special networking setups you already have using at home). Take that IP and jot it down. Now, disconnect from your internet. Reboot. Reset your modem. Do a few things like that but stay offline for a little while (disconnect time could vary with getting a new IP). Go back online and to the above site and see if your IP changes. That will tell you if your ISP already gives you another IP for not. This is my crude and quick method of testing. Ask me tomorrow and I may have a different one (my mind comes up with different things for the same solutions each day, do not know why).

    I like to hide my IP when going to news sites or shopping sites (when I am just that bored) like Amazon, etc, so I get no messages (I block popups already but…) that can identify my actual location with some ad on how to build my muscles or something.

    Just me.

  • noel Nov 15, 2009

    I cannot get online when it “changes my IP.” It says firefox does not have permission to access the page and something about proxies or whatever…I’m thoroughly confused.

    I’m using vista and firefox if that helps.

  • HideIP Admin Nov 15, 2009

    @noel – The proxies used by NotMyIP does not seem to work very well these days. My advice is to try Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf.

  • Clifton Nov 21, 2009

    WOW THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! I AM NOW ABLE TO WATCH Movies that are only available in the US. Thanks alot, i have a question, if i cancel the browser, will it disable the whole thing, cuz i cant minimize it. And is the address only for USA?

  • Clifton Nov 21, 2009

    hey i like this too because it allows google chrome too, others only allow mozilla and internet explorer. And this is FREEE!! wow! er…will it ever change? like become not free anymore. And if there are new updates will it inform me about it? thanks alot!!! <3

  • HideIP Admin Nov 22, 2009

    @Clifton – If you minimize the browser, NotMyIp will not be disabled. You have to go to the NotMyIP interface and press the Restore IP button.

    NotMyIP provides only US IP addresses.

    I don’t not how long NotMyIP will stay free. You may ask the provider directly.

    Of course, I’ll provide info on any new versions.

  • Clifton Nov 22, 2009

    hey admin, why some us ip address cannot work? there are 3 of them, and only 2 is working, another one is the same.And sometime when i am using the us ip, the internet connection disabled, after a few seconds it is enabled again

  • Clifton Nov 22, 2009

    and firefox cannot be used, it says check your proxy server. How to check? the NotMyIp only has a simple function, it don’t have settings that allows us to set our own thing. It says the proxy server is refusing connections, what to do?

  • HideIP Admin Nov 22, 2009

    @Clifton – NotMyIP is a free product so it is possible that some proxies are blocked or overcrowded. My advice is to write to the support team and report the problems.

  • ad_infinitum Nov 25, 2009


    This might sound like a stupid question, but I’ll ask anyway:

    When using any of these services or tools, do the add-ons in Firefox still work as configured?

    Thanks in advance.

  • HideIP Admin Nov 25, 2009

    @ad_infinitum – This is a very good question. From my experience, most of the Firefox add-ons still work while using a hide ip tool or vpn service.

  • Tester Nov 26, 2009

    Following up to see if anyone has this same issue I posted about last month:

    What I can not figure is why the service, amplusnetprivacytools.exe, that got installed with the program, can block all net access unless it is stopped. Sometimes it does not, sometimes it does, whether or not the IP is changed or back to normal. I have tested this in dozens of ways. In all cases of it blocking net access, masked or actual IP, stopping the services allows access again.

    All net access meaning that the entire computer looses internet access.


  • HideIP Admin Nov 26, 2009

    @Tester – The service is used to re-route all your traffic through the proxy. If the proxy does not work then you don’t have internet connection.

  • phobos Dec 7, 2009

    thanks alot for introducing this new Hide Ip tool.keep this way up.

  • Andy Jan 23, 2010

    Does this tool also hide your web-browsing and download activities from your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

  • HideIP Admin Jan 23, 2010

    @Andy – I recommend using NotMyIP for anonymous web-browsing. For P2P/torrent, BitBlinder is better.

  • ron Jan 23, 2010

    Unfortunately, restarting dint help. I tried everything and could not use any browser to get online. Result? I reformatted my system to remove any suspicious software.
    Now, I am not comfortable using this software because of what happened, and I dont completely understand what it changes under the hood.

  • shelly Mar 16, 2010


  • Michelle Oct 27, 2010

    Maybe I did something wrong but I wasnt able to get this to work. After I disabled my security it downloaded. but no internet whatsoever. I had to completely remove it. since then i’ve gotten several error messages from my BRAND NEW computer. NOT good. anyone else have these sorts of problems?

  • ron Oct 29, 2010

    I had a similar problem, and i had posted about it earlier. Only difference between you, Michelle, and me is that I ended up reformatting my laptop. That was my first re-format.
    I am sure if you try to ping websites (for e.g ping you will get a response. But the browsers are rendered useless.
    I would suggest that having this sw is dangerous and formatting the hard drive and flashing the bios is the best safety precaution you can take at this point of time. Get technical help before you decide to do so.

  • Barbara Apr 15, 2011

    I recently installed BTGuard but then found my fake IP was located so I uninstalled it. it’s possible it wasn’t configured properly. is BTGuard a real Hide my IP product and if so, how do I configure it?


  • HideIP Admin Apr 15, 2011

    @Barbara – I don’t know how to configure BTGuard. You should write to their support.

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