Later edit: NotMyIP is not available anymore. You should check ibVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPNHideIpVPN or HideMyAss.


I’m glad to be the first blogger that writes about a new tool that can be used to browse anonymously by hiding your public IP address. NotMyIP is a new hide IP tool, and the best thing is that it’s FREE! has released, NotMyIP, a new and free tool that can be used to hide your IP address and browse anonymously. The product is straightforward, similar to other free tools like UltraSurf or GPass.

Notmyip - Free Hide IP Tool

From the press release:

The simpler it is – the better it is! Internet users do not have to spend time learning complex strategies to achieve their purpose. They only want to hide IP. Is this too much they’re asking? “Not at all!” thought Privacy-Gateway when started developing NotMyIP. Only press one button and the real IP is hidden. A new (fake) IP will guarantee users anonymous web surfing while hiding IP. What can be easier that this? And to make it even better, it uses an exclusive list of premium proxies in order to provide a new IP.

Getting started

First, you have to download it. The installation is straightforward, follow the instructions. After the installation is completed you will see the following screen:

To hide your IP, the only thing you have to do press the Change IP button. To check your new IP address visit site. That’s it! It automatically configures all browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. No need to worry about this anymore.

When you what to browse with your real IP address click Restore IP button.

NotMyIP Pros and Cons

Here is the list of pros and cons I have come up with:

NotMyIP Pros and Cons


  • It is FREE!
  • It hides your IP address and allows you to surf anonymously.
  • Very simple and smooth UI. Suitable for beginners. No user guide needed.
  • It provides fast, premium, quality HTTP proxies.
  • It works with all browsers tested: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. No need for manual configuration.
  • It does not need any add-ons to run with Firefox.
  • It overcomes censorship.


  • The proxies are from the US only.
  • There are only three proxies available. More in the commercial version, called Anonymity Gateway.
  • Only English user interface is available.
  • Not suitable for P2P applications. If you are interested in anonymous torrenting, you should check some P2P VPN providers.

To sum up: It’s great to have another excellent hide IP software on the market. Let’s hope more proxies will be available in the next versions and they will continue to be fast.

Ultrasurf vs. NotMyIP

Ultrasurf and NotMyIP are two very similar tools to hide/change your IP address. Because Ultrasurf is very well known and consequently blocked by many security products and filter, NotMyIP has gained a lot of popularity lately.

Free Hide IP Tools

On, the home of NotMyIP, I have found an interesting comparison between the two free hide IP products. From the very beginning, Privacy-Gateway team declares that NotMyIP was not built to replace Ultrasurf but more as an alternative when Ultrasurf is blocked.

Further, here is the comparison as found on

NotMyIP Ultrasurf
Free hide IP tool YesYes
One click IP change YesYes
Changes your IP to a US one
Changes your IP to a non-US IP address
Clears your browser cookiesNoYes
Automatically configures IE
Automatically configures Firefox
YesNo, an add-on must be installed.
Automatically configures other browsers YesNo, manual configuration is needed.
Seen as malware by security solutions
Not yetVery probably
Blacklisted IPsNoMost of them (every version exposes different IPs)

NotMyIP vs. Anonymity Gateway

Both applications are practical tools for hiding your IP address. The functioning principle is the same: they use proxies to protect your real IP address. These proxies drive your traffic, and you are not identified correctly by the sites you visit. It’s that simple!

notmyip vs anonymitygateway

Let’s see how several features that may help you compare NotMyIP and Anonymity Gateway:

FeatureNotMyIPAnonymity Gateway
Application TypeFreewareShareware – $33/year
Includes Premium ProxiesYesYes
US ProxiesYesYes
UK ProxiesNoYes
German ProxiesNoYes
Dutch ProxiesNoYes
Ireland ProxiesNoYes
French ProxiesNoYes
Canada ProxiesNoYes
You can add your own proxyNoYes
Auto browser configurationYesYes
Works with Internet ExplorerYesYes
Works with FirefoxYesYes
Works with OperaYesYes
Works with ChromeYesYes
Blocks Invasive CodeNoYes
Works on VistaYesYes

What do you think about NotMyIP?

To sum up, is NotMyIP useful? Is it working for you? What features do you think should be added?

Let us know in the comments below.