Microsoft’s YouTube Channel Hacked!


Make us a Background to Get Subbox!!!

Well, that is what Microsoft’s YouTube Channel has an update which was done some 2 days before. Either MS is short of designers who can design a neat background for their YouTube channel or otherwise (the worst) they have been hacked. Learn about Microsoft YouTube Channel hacked story.

Microsoft YouTube Channel Hacked

To be precise, Microsoft’s YouTube Channel wasn’t actually hacked but in a sense hijacked somewhere on last Saturday and almost all the important videos were temporarily removed. The person responsible was quick to replace them with other videos that talked about the contest that I pointed towards sometime at the very beginning.

One message posted by the alleged hacker provides an indication of what might have happened. “I DID NOTHING WRONG I SIMPLY SIGNED INTO MY ACCOUNT THAT I MADE IN 2006 :/,” he said. Well, the password reset (if it was used) has cost MS a lot actually!

How was that possible?

What we think is that the account was registered by the user when YouTube was very new. MS must be reclaimed the account as part of their online branding activity but somehow they forgot to remove the x-user’s email ID from the password reset process. A simple login by the dude after resetting the password gave him one of the most prestigious accounts on YouTube.

As per Graham Cluley from Sophos below is what be might have done to recover the account:

This is how he “hacked” the channel:

He legittly made the account Microsoft when youtube wasn’t that big but the REAL Microsoft probably asked Youtube to disable it and give it to them. The flaw is that this account was probably still linked to this kid’s email and microsoft forgot to change it or whatever.

So all this kid had to do was recover this account using his old email.

Not that hard. Thats probably how the other big Channels got “hacked”.

Thumbs this up so people can see!

If this is true then other official channel holders should check their security settings ASAP. 😛

What do you think of the Microsoft YouTube Channel hacked story?

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