Microsoft Launches UK Online TV Service. How To Unblock It From Outside UK

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Microsoft officially launched a UK service that will stream full-length videos of television shows for free. The service is available only for UK internet users, but the filters can be bypassed using VPN services. Learn how to unblock MSN videos.

Unblock MSN Videos

The advertising-funded MSN Video Player competes directly with recently-launched SeeSaw in offering a range of commercial TV shows for viewers to watch for free in their browser.

More than 300 hours of shows are now available and Microsoft said it will continue to extend the service, adding content by working with broadcasters and studios. Videos are available in both Windows Media Video (WMV) and Flash formats. Thus both PC and Mac users will be able to watch them.

How to unblock MSN Videos

MSN Video Player is streamed without DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy protection but will only be available to people with a UK IP address. If you live outside the UK you get the following message:

MSN Videos Block

But the good news is that the filters can be bypassed. In order to be able to watch MSN Video Player from anywhere in the world, you need a VPN service that provides access to a UK server. Such a service makes hides your real IP address and replaces it with a UK one. Thus, you will be granted full access to all shows available.

VPN services to unblock MSN videos

Here are some good VPN services that you can use to unblock MSN videos streaming service:

You’ll need to setup a VPN connection to a UK server and you will be ready to unblock MSN service:

MSN Video PLayer Unblocked

Important! If you have accessed the site before connecting to a VPN you will need to clear your cookies in order to make it work.

Do you watch MSN videos from the outside UK? Do you use a VPN service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • micutzu Mar 11, 2010

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Derek Domino Mar 18, 2011

    Don’t waste your time installing “thefreevpn”. It no longer works at all. I have tried it several times and it always reports that all its servers are offline.

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