JanusPA: Tor Hardware Privacy Adapter

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The Janus team has published a preview of their JanusPA, plug-n-play, hardware Privacy Adapter. After 4 months of work, they are almost ready to release this interesting adapter.

In the next few weeks, they will work on the documentation, software requirements, staging the built environment, compiling the code, etc. and then JanusPA will be ready to hit the market. I am curious how much it will cost.

Janus is also responsible for JanusVM, a virtual machine designed to protect your privacy with technologies like Tor and OpenVPN.

What is JanusPA?

Basically, JanusPA is a small router that anonymizes all your traffic via the Tor network.


How to make it work?

Steps to make it functional:

  1. Connect the adapter to your PC or network switch
  2. Next, connect the adapter to your Cable/DSL modem or router
  3. Connect the power to the adapter and wait for about 60 seconds.

The result: everything that passes through this adapter is going through the Tor network or your VPN tunnel. So, your real IP will never be shown, regardless of the application you are using!


Would you be interested in such a device? How much would you be willing to pay for it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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