Ixquick, World’s Most Private Search Engine


Ixquick, a Dutch search engine, has become, in January 2009, the first to function without retaining the user IP address in order to increase user privacy protections. While search engines such as Google and Yahoo keep data for nine months, respective three months, Ixquick has until now deleted it after 48 hours. It now says that it can operate without the data altogether.


At Ixquick we feel people have a fundamental right to privacy,” said Ixquick chief executive Robert Beens. “Using a search engine is sharing your innermost secrets and habits which should be safe. Ixquick has the best privacy policy of the search industry. Today it has become even better.” (Via The Privacy Cops)

Ixquick’s position about privacy:

  • You have a right to privacy.
  • Your search data should never fall into the wrong hands. 
  • The only real solution is quickly deleting your data or not storing them, to begin with. 
  • In June 2006 we started to delete our users’ privacy data within 48 hrs. 
  • As of January 2009, we do not even record our users’ IP addresses at all anymore.

Read more about Ixquick Privacy Policy here.

Why do search engines store your data?

Every time you use a search engine (except Ixquick), your search data is stored. Your IP address, your search keys, user ID cookies, length of your visits, etc. get stored in a database.

Most of the time all this info is used to increase the effectiveness of advertising and other commercial services, but it can also be used to construct identity profiles. Government officials, hackers, and even criminals have an interest in getting their hands on your personal search data. And if the information exists they will sooner or later get to it and this way they will get to you!

What do you think about search engine privacy?

Do you feel that storing data about your searches is a threat to you? What do you think about Ixquick? Have you used it? What about other private search engines?

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  • pennine May 29, 2009

    Thank You for your good & discreet service. I do not consider my research work which includes employing the internet, is in anyway wrong i.e. I am not involved in criminal activity, some pervert, nor into abusing anyone. But I do object to the way governments and authorities are becoming increasingly totalitarian and disrespectful of people’s privacy, please see two written/reported examples, showing that I am not being unnecessarily and overly paranoid:


    These government people surely are well paid public servants, elected by we the people, to serve the best interests of everyone, not our keepers and jailers. Stealers of our very souls.
    To be having every email read by establishmental snoops and tapping into phone conversations and monitoring people’s every move in cyberland sounds very sinister to me, and for folk to be even fearful of expressing this opinion does not sound conducive of healthy democracy.

    The old dog-eared cliche ” If you’ve done nothing wrong -then you have nothing to fear” does not pass scrutiny as far as i am concerned. People have been framed before, for crimes they are innocent of committing. What about, what ought be every person’s maxim: “If I have done nothing wrong, then I ought be entitled to my human right & dignity to my privacy and be left alone in peace, Instead of being daily observed by people I neither elected, know or can even see”
    Thank You Ixquick, good to meet one search engine that is independent and can think outside the box, and not be in the pocket of establishmental and creepish, weird “Peeping Toms.”
    Kindest from pennine ( UK)

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