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A new FREE VPN service was launched these days called ItsHidden. The service is in beta and it does not allow port forwarding. ItsHidden will eventually roll out a paid service for about $5 a month, but it will also have a free service option.

It has been created to put some rights back in the favor of the user and that includes us,” David of ItsHidden told to TorrentFreak. “There are so many bodies, mostly unelected that seem to have full access to the most intimate of online details with little or no justification and more importantly, no evidence.”

ItsHidden main features

Here are the main features of the service:

  • Fast and reliable with over 4 Gigabits of dedicated bandwidth
  • Instant access
  • No records of your surfing are kept
  • No software is needed
  • 128 Bit Secure connection to ensure privacy over all networks

Installation and setup

The installation is very simple:

  1. Sign up for a free account here.
  2. Create a new internet connection and enter your username and password (more instructions here)

The drawback of this service is that the servers are located in Netherlands, so every time you use it to hide your location you’ll get an IP address from Amsterdam. This means that ItsHidden cannot be used to unblock Hulu or BBC. Maybe, after the beta period, US and UK servers will also be available in the free version.

Itshidden Netherlands

ItsHidden alternatives

If you are looking for VPN services that have servers in multiple locations than here are some good alternatives:

VPN Provider Price
HideMyAss from $11.52/month
ibVPN from $4.95/month
NordVPN from $10.95/month
IPVanish from $10/month
PureVPN from $9.95/month
ExpressVPN from $12.95/month

All the above VPN services have more than 100 servers in locations from all over the World. Check them in order to find the exact location that you need.

Have you tried ItsHidden? Have you found it useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • Coolhead Jan 28, 2010

    This service is not great for free users. First, they don’t like feedback from free users, then they say there is no support for them.

    When it started, they gave unlimited speed, then they limit to 1 mbps but it is not stated in their website to warn new users. And they disconnect every few minutes for free users.

  • Warmhead Feb 8, 2010

    I think, that for a free service is 1mbps decent speed, but it actually works only about 90kB/s. Free service is meant for testing purposes. If you want go faster, pay for it. They disconnect free users few times a hour, but the connection can be configured to reconnect automatically. When you set routes correctly before connecting to their service, you don’t have to worry, that some data will leak from your real IP during the reconnection.

    I’m thinking of subscription, but I don’t know what is the speed of their paid service. Anyone tested? I’m happy with free service, but I just don’t want to throw 10 bucks out…

  • wolfgang Mar 23, 2010

    I made the mistake to pay for 6 months.

    Speed is often slow. (My ISP alone test at about 7Mbit/s download, with itshidden it often falls to less than 3Mbit/s).

    After 3 days, I’m still waiting for an answer to my email or my support ticket.

    If they don’t improve in the following months, i won’t renew with them.

  • freakqnc Sep 18, 2010

    Tried to connect, but since my last successful attempt back in early May the connection is no longer working… I am glad I could try before buy. Save time and frustration and look elsewhere. It’s hidden it’s so well hidden you will not find any service working through them. Not a serious service… there is on support, the helpdesk is a 404 page, contacting them nobody will reply. Sounds like a failed attempt to test how many people would have liked a VPN service… and I am being optimistic, hoping that it wasn’t a service geared to steal info from traffic piped through those tunnels. Use only reputable companies for VPN service!

  • freakqnc Sep 18, 2010

    Tried several times to connect and even tried with new account. It’s hidden turned into “it’s dead” since May 2010.

  • Steve Oct 10, 2010

    Do not recommend. I am a paid user and was happy with their service for the first couple months. I haven’t been able to log in, though, for the last several months. Multiple attempts to contact them have just been ignored. All attempts to reset my password have failed. I would recommend avoiding any business with them.

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