Pros and Cons of PirateBay’s IPREDator

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The Pirate Bay launched in 2009 a service called IPREDator. It’s a VPN service designed to give you a private and 100% secure internet access. It uses 128bit encryption to make sure that no one, not even your IPS, is  able to peek in your data transfers. Check the IPREDator pros and cons.

After receiving my invite (unfortunately the beta invites are now closed, but you should keep an eye on them), I have tested IPREDator for more than a month. The package to be purchased is 15 euro/3 months, so it comes to 5 euro/month. The setup is very simple (PPTP) so you should not have any problems.

IPredator Pros & Cons

Bottom line: a list of pros and cons for this VPN service. They will help you decide whether IPREDator is suitable for you and whether it is worth waiting for an invite.

IPREDator Pros

  • It works! IPREDator does what is says: provides total online anonymity and security. Suitable for torrents.
  • The speed is great! Now that it seems to be stablized, the service provides fast online connection. As the servers are located in Sweden, that may vary, depending on your location.
  • Works on iPhone
  • All ports are forwarded
  • Easy to install
  • The price is acceptable (60 euro/year) compared to other VPN services. Update: now you may get a VPN service for less than $2/month. Check the latest VPN promos and discounts.

IPREDator Cons

  • Provides only Swedish IP. This makes IPREDator no suitable to unblock Hulu, Pandora and other sites that are restrected to users outside US. The same applies to BCC iPlayer.
  • Basic site and service. The site (too) simple and not very nice looking. No fancy design.
  • Only support PPTP
  • Limited use for iPhone due to its Swedish IP address(es)

What do you think about IPREDator?

Have you used it? Is it working smoothly? When did you get the invite?

>> IPREDator

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  • JB Aug 26, 2009

    Nice service, but rather slow. I have tested it for a while but it seemed rather unstable for me. Probably due to the overload.

  • daniel Aug 26, 2009

    It works great for me!! The speed is good and very happy with it! Go, go PirateBay!

  • Bert Oct 20, 2009

    So tired of waiting for the service…. anyone tried ? because they seem to deliver almost the same thing, of what i’ve heard.

  • silverfox Jan 10, 2010

    Connected today, absolutley crap speeds. 10-20 Mb/s on torrents with 100’s of seeders. No forum support. Am using uTorrent, but get better speeds with bitcomet – 40 Mb/s. TPB search engine just keeps resetting to start page also. WTF???
    Dont bother getting ripped, was using a proxy b4, will be going back! Not happy at all. I live in Australia also.

  • SilverFoxIsADoosh May 11, 2010

    :/ Those speeds are not crap at all. I would kill for 10Mb/s. Most of Australia would barely reach speeds like that. Doosh. Anyway. 10Mb/s = 1.25MB/s, Size of a decent game 8000MB, 8000/1.25=6400sec, 6400/3600=1.78hours (thats not even long to wait. Go fucking play a game while it downloads[Doosh]). With 15 Euros…. you can get enough games, movies, music etc that would otherwise cost you 1200 Euros. You could download that in a day. Seriously, just be more fucking patient and stop whining. No one likes little baby whiners!

  • LOLWUTPEAR Jan 4, 2012

    ^^^ I think he means kbs.

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