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IP Sharkk New ReleaseYesterday, I have received an email from the producers of IP Sharkk announcing a new release that fixes several bugs. Also, the email contains a 20% discount for the Premium version (you can read the email below). Thank you, Brian, for the offer! Learn about the IP Sharkk new release.

There were some issues with IpSharkk losing connection, we have
fixed them and now IpSharkk works faster and more stable than ever.

Please update your version by downloading IpSharkk from
http://ipsharkk.com/setup.exe and installing it over the previous
version. You will notice a huge improvement!

This email gives you 20% special discount on IpSharkk Premium
Version if you subscribe for 3 months.Click here to get IpSharkk
20% OFF:
http://ipsharkk.com/emailspecial.php. This offer is valid for
24 hours only.

Thank you for using IpSharkk.


Brad Smith
IpSharkk Team

If you are interested in finding more about IP Sharkk you can read my review that shows how IP Sharkk works, how to get started, what are the differences between the free version and the premium one and lists several pros and cons of this hide IP tool.


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