Update: IP Privacy is no longer available for download. You should check other hide IP tools.


I have evaluated the new version of IP Privacy from Privacy-Pro.com and here are my conclusions.

Privacy-Pro has recently launched IP Privacy version 3.7. As mentioned in the press release, “the new version gives users the possibility to run without any problems with the application and hide their IP address even they are using Windows Vista. More than that, if until now IP Privacy had to be manually configured to work with Firefox, starting with this version the application will automatically configure ALL browsers. In this way, our users only have to select a proxy and enable the online anonymity.

Privacy-Pro - IP Privacy

I have installed the new version of IP Privacy and the important changes are not related to the user interface but to the product performance.

Auto browser configuration

The most important change/feature is that with the new version you don’t have any problems with browser configuration. All browsers are automatically configured to use the selected premium proxy. I have tested it using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. This is quite impressive as most hide IP tools (including Ultrasurf or Gpass) do know how to configure Internet Explorer but fail to automatically configure Firefox or Opera.

Anonymizes instant messengers

Also, it seems that all applications that use port 80 are using the IP Privacy proxies once the product is started. This means that IP Privacy also anonymizes most of the instant messengers (Yahoo Messengers, MSN, etc.)

More and faster premium proxies

Another plus is that the new IP Privacy has added to the list several fast proxies from US and Netherlands. I have tried to watch some Hulu videos and it worked quite decently.

How to use IP Privacy

First, you need to download the product from Privacy-Pro.com site or directly from here.

After the installation you will see the following window:

US IP Address Using IP Privacy

How to get a US IP address using IP Privacy

Then you have to choose a proxy from the list and press Enable Online Anonymity button. That will change your IP to a US one. It’s that simple! In order to be sure, check our XMyIP page.

If you are using Firefox you need to go first to Settings, press Browser Configuration, check Firefox and press Apply. Then go back to the main window (Status) and press Enable Online Anonymity button.

IP Privacy Firefox Config

Important! When you are done, don’t forget to press Disable Online Anonymity button.


  • It does change your IP
  • Simple to use
  • Fast proxies
  • It offers sufficient number of working proxies
  • It does not use Planet Lab/Codeen proxies (at least in the trial mode)


  • In the trial period, you get only US IPs (as far as I sow)
  • The Firefox configuration needs more steps that IE config

If you install the product don’t forget to come back and share with us your experience. It will help us make a more complete Pros & Cons list and, of course, it will help others. Thank you!

To sum up, the IP Privacy is, for sure, an evolution of the previous version as it automatically configures ALL browsers and lists several fast and reliable proxies. You should give it a try.