Interview with Chris Mathews, Freedur Team Member


Chris Mathews, Freedur Team MemberSeveral weeks ago I have read about a new hide IP tool, called Freedur. As I’m always excited when I found new ways to overcome censorship and browse anonymously, I have start testing Freedur and wrote a small post about it: Freedur – Anonymous proxy solution for Windows and Mac. Next, I was curious to find out more info about Freedur (more behind the scene) and I have contacted Freedur team for details. Here is an interview with Chris Mathews one the creators of Freedur.

Chris Mathews, Freedur founder

1. Please introduce yourself and let us know who is behind Freedur.
My name is Chris Mathews and I am part of the team that created Freedur.

2. When you started Freedur, what objects and motivations did you have?
The technology behind a proxy isn’t that complex but somehow most proxy services out there made proxies painful to use.  We thought we could make a proxy that is enjoyable to use and off we ran with that.

3. How has the response been to the release of Freedur?
People have been very happy with Freedur so far from what we can tell from blogs and twitter.  I think the time and attention we put into making Freedur easy and intuitive was really appreciated.

4. How would you describe Freedur in a few words?
Plug and play proxy.
5. What are the technologies behide Freedur? / How is Freedur hiding the IP address?
Secret 🙂

6. How is Freedur different from other hide ip tools?
It’s not ugly, it’s not clunky, and even people who are not computer savvy can use it with ease.

7. How many users do you have right now?
Several thousand users since we launched a month and a half ago.

8. What are your plans for future versions?
Support multiple languages as well as a Freedur VPN.

9. If there is anything thing else you would like to add about Freedur or if you have an advice for my readers …
Follow us on twitter ( to be updated on Freedur and our top secret project in development!


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