Internet Explorer 8 is Here! Faster and More Secure.


Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has just released version 8 of Internet Explorer. IE8 is definitely a better browser than IE7 as it is faster and more secure.

Some of the most interesting additions to IE8 are:

  • Accelerators (add-ons that make things like mapping addresses or initiating a blog post easier)
  • Web Slices (make information from sites available directly in your bookmarks)
  • InPrivate browsing (I have mentioned it in the previous post)
  • Built-in clickjacking prevention
  • Built-in phishing prevention
  • Crash recovery (when a tab crashes, it won’t take down the whole browser and the content is automatically restored and reloaded; this is due to IE architecture that sees every tab as a separate process)

IE8 Security and Speed

Microsoft has also stepped up its efforts to keep users secure, and IE8 also feels a lot faster than Microsoft’s earlier browsers. The browser has been optimized to render the most popular pages on the Internet faster than any other browser.

Microsoft’s own speed tests show IE beating Chrome 1.0 and Firefox 3.05 (take a look below).


A promotional video (Case Study Videos / Performace Testing) is available up on that shows off these speed tests.


IE8 is available for download from here.

What do you think about IE8?

What do you think about this new version of IE? Have you used it? Will you try it? What are the features you think are the most useful?

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