IAPS Launches OpenVPN Web Edition

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IAPS OpenVPN Web EditionIAPS has just launched a new VPN system, called OpenVPN Web Edition, that is very easy to use and operate, regardless of whether you use a Mac, Windows, or Linux. Learn about IAPS OpenVPN Web Edition.

IAPS  recommends the new OpenVPN Web Edition service for users residing inside of mainland China. Their tests shown better results in terms of speed and reliability than any other VPN protocol in use in China. If you are considering using a VPN from China, then this may be the best choice for you.

How does the “web-based” OpenVPN work?

Firstly, after subscribing the IAPS you will receive with all the login information: username, password and a link that you need to visit in order to start using OpenVPN.  In the drop down box change it from “connect” to “login”.

IAPS OpenVPN Web Edition - Login

After you have logged in, you need to select the connection based on your operating system. Next, download the configurations for your respective operating system.  

Finally, you a highlighted button will be shown in your Start menu. Right Click it and then click on Connect to openvpn-us.network.isp.com to get connected.

Then you will be connected to the IAPS OpenVPN network. It’s that simple. You can see a detailed step-by-step video tutorial here.

Available locations and pricing

The IAPS OpenVPN Web Edition protocol is available on servers located in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland,  Mexico, UAE  and Honk Kong, and the price starts from 19.95 USD/month.


The new IAPS OpenVPN Web Edition is very simple to setup and use. In a matter of minutes it’s ready to go. The provided speed is great and it is recommend for all users, including those located in China! Enjoy!

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