I Need to Make My IP Address Appear to be in a Different State!

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From the beginning, I must say that this is not an easy task. Most of the hide IP tools allow you choose the country of your fake IP (US, UK, Germany, France, Asia, Australia), but not the state. Tools like Tor would not help you this time. If you need to make your IP appear to be in a different state, you will have to try several hide IP solutions and find your suitable location. It’s tried and error!

Let’s consider first web proxies.

Some time ago, I have compiled a list containing 100+ web proxies, most of them located in the US, and as I have checked them manually I have also considered the state where the proxies were located. Check this post and maybe you can find a suitable proxy! Unfortunately, not all of the proxies listed are still working.

Also, you can check proxies listed in the following post:

In order to find out the state where the proxy is located, you should check XMyIP. Under the Google Map, you can see the exact location.

Also, you can consider finding a suitable open proxy in a proxy list.

Just go on SamAir.ru (or any other list) find a US proxy, set up your browser to use that proxy, check XMyIP and see the state where the proxy is located. Repeat these steps until you find a proxy located in the state you want. Not very comfortable, but there is no other way 🙁

If you don’t know how to use a proxy and how to set up your browser you should check this post.

The same “try and error” principle can be used with hiding IP software.

You can download solutions like IP Hider, Easy Hide IP, Invisible Browsing, Hide IP Platinum, choose US IPs and try to find one located in the state you want by checking XMyIP.

Recommended: Give VPN services a try.

Some VPN providers (like HMA, ibVPN, PureVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN) expose 100+ servers and there are good chances you find one or more server in the state you are interested in.

Good luck and happy surfing!

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