Hulu Plus for iPad and iPhone. Unlock It With VPN From Outside US.

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Hulu Plus is now official. Basically, it makes Hulu streaming available on iPad, iPhone, and other devices. For $9.99/month. Of course, the users from outside the US are excluded. Learn how to unlock Hulu Plus from outside the US.

Unlock Hulu Plus

What is Hulu Plus?

Hulu Plus is an invite based service for a while. You can request for Hulu Plus invite over here. Even if you don’t have an invite, you’ll still be able to download a Hulu Plus application on the iPad, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The application will feature a limited number of episodes, but good enough to get a feel for how the paid service would be like.

The launch of Hulu Plus does not mean the end of classic, free and ad-based Hulu. They will be both available. Instead, Hulu Plus comes with the ability to watch programming on mobile devices or set-top boxes instead of a computer, plus a few other bonus features including 720p HD video playback and access to complete seasons of TV shows instead of just the last few episodes.

How to unlock Hulu Plus from outside the US

As previously mentioned, Hulu Plus (as well as Hulu) is not available from outside the US. But you can unlock Hulu Plus with the use of a VPN service that provides a US IP address. Here is a list of such services: List of VPN Services that Provide USA IP Addresses. From this list, only services that provide L2TP connections can be used on iPad or iPhone.

Later edit: You may also try one of the VPN apps listed in this post: The best VPN apps for your iPhone.

Have you tried Hulu Plus? Do you like it more than the ad-based service? How do you unlock Hulu Plus? Do you use a VPN service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • homie Jul 15, 2010

    I have a question about that. How to download the application on the Apple App Store when you are living in France? I can’t do that, Apple say: Sorry, to install this application on your Iphone, youneed an US account on Itunes…

    It’s the same thing with the Pandora application.

    Somebody know how to do that? If it’s not possible, VPN is not interesting for Iphone.

  • HideIP Admin Jul 15, 2010

    @homie – You have to use a VPN on your iPhone to get a US IP address.

  • homie Jul 15, 2010

    No, i’m sorry but it’s not working. I have this error message: This account is only valid for use in the French Store

    I’m thinking that to install an US apllication, you need a US Itunes Store account. Which is impossible from france because Apple ask me an US bank account…

  • Erik Jul 19, 2010

    Setting up a VPN service to get a US IP address allows you to access the Hulu web servers, but for Hulu Plus you need to install the iPad app from an authenticated US iTunes account. No go for non-US citizen 🙁

  • Toney Aug 4, 2010

    Has anyone who has been invited to try hulu plus and who is outside the US had their visa/master card accepted?

  • Marcus Aug 9, 2010

    I’ve got my invite but Hulu will not accept my european Visa card number (unable to verify).

  • Gary Aug 9, 2010


    I’m also looking for such an option (from an Australian CC).
    Can use Australian CC with USA address for Netflix though.
    Would like to use both Netflix and Hulu on the iPad.

  • eidur Oct 22, 2010

    I have not tried hulu plus yet , I just got my plus invite but see that you have to give your billing address and that is not going to be the same as the adress I registerd with ( fake usa adress and name).
    so im not sure if it is going to accept my europian credit card.

    But I registered at Netflix and they took my europian credit card and I have been subscribing to netflix for 3 months now here in sweden.

  • Leo Nov 9, 2010

    I am using – works fin with Netflix US and Hulu on my Mac (watching from Canada).
    Cannot register with Hulu Plus though – it does not accept my credit card. Looks like Hulu requires AVS for credit cards.

  • John Bramich Nov 18, 2010

    Please someone come up with a solution for the verification so we can use the Hulu Plus service outside US. VPN allows us to view the site but the credit card verification blocks us going any further. What can we do??

  • unixunderground Dec 1, 2010

    Originally Posted By John BramichPlease someone come up with a solution for the verification so we can use the Hulu Plus service outside US. VPN allows us to view the site but the credit card verification blocks us going any further. What can we do??

    I have the same question..
    I ‘m using a Cisco Linksys E3000 with the DD-WRT and a High-speed VPN in New York..
    Everything is fine , I can even watch 1080p videos on youtube and CBS without any form of lag…
    I’ve tryed with 3 credit cards including an American Express (shouldn’t the “American” Express work on American Websistes?

  • Joe Dec 3, 2010

    Same problem. Streaming to Europe via US VPN but no go on paying for Hulu Plus. Using a Roku for Netflix and Amazon VOD. Would pay for Hulu Plus in a heartbeat. Tried adding a second address to my credit card as well as calling Hulu to ask if they’d make an exception since I travel to the US very frequently due to my job (which is true). Also a no go, no exceptions to international credit cards.

    If anyone finds a solution, I’d love to know.

  • Jurgen Dec 9, 2010

    Hi Joe,

    I have read that you could setup a Virtual credit card at Entropay. Make sure to select USD as currency. This is a top-up credit card, so you must provide entropay with your own real CC to transfer the money,

    This Virtual CC from entropay should work with Netflix Hulu etc..

  • Josh Dec 13, 2010

    I can confirm that entropay doesn’t work with hulu plus… It worked for Netflix for a while then they stopped taking entropy cards….mine still works for Netflix because I subscribed be bore they stop taking them…

  • Alfre Jan 18, 2011

    Hey, I just want to tell you that, to create a free American iTunes account, the inly thing you need is:

    Go to the appstore on iTunes and on the right bottom of the screen, hit the country region icon (which should be your actual country region flag) from the pop-up menu, select the US store. Once you have done this, look for any app you want to download BUT… be careful, it MUST be a free app! (Don’t worry, just follow the steps 😉 ) After trying to purchase, Fill in the blanks with your REAL NAME and E-MAIL (you’re gonna use this later!). Whhen entering the rest of the specifications, use apple’s address and phone number from any of it’s apple retail stores INSIDE THE US (google is very helpful). Once you are done, YOU WILL NOTICE A NEW BOX ON THE PAYNG METHOD which says: “Method payment: NONE”. Once you finish registering, sign in with your new account on the iTunes Store and try to download! Remember that since you didn’t register a credit card, your’ll only be able to download free content all over the iTunes Store (Including the App Store). Greetings! for any other questions, send me a private message on

  • Alfre Jan 18, 2011

    There is no actual solution to register for Hulu service with non-US credit cards. But if you create a fake american ID on itunes, and try a connection with VPN, you’ll be able to use hulu free and limited services anywhere =). If you need more information about how to set a VPN on your iPhone or iPad, let me know.

  • AiJay Jan 25, 2011

    Nope. Tried with an US address and a Japanese VISA card, but Hulu Plus did not accept it.
    However, Netflix accepted the credit card (until now) although the billing address does not match the address that is registered with Visa.

    I have seen some postings that say that cards from US Unlocked ( work with Hulu Plus. Entropay cards are supposedly neither accepted by Netflix nor Hulu.

  • Artvandelayy Jan 8, 2012


    I’m afraid I don’t get it. I do not seem to find the country icon in iTunes at the right bottom in the iTunes app store. I just find the “support” button, and no option to change “country/region”. What am I doing wrong?

  • Santiago Nunez Jan 11, 2012

    Just found out this site offers a prepaid card working with Hulu Plus

    I used it with unblocked-us and able to create a Hulu Plus account

  • John Oct 11, 2012

    I’m using Unotelly DNS to stream Hulu Plus. Excellent price + they support VPN too for 3G and public networks. DNS is the best way to stream online movies because it’s much faster than VPN.

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