How to Watch the World Cup Final 2010 Live Online

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This Sunday, Netherlands, and Spain will meet in the first FIFA World Cup final ever to not have either Italy, Brazil, Argentina, or Germany. Learn how to watch World Cup Final 2010 live online.

A few facts about the final

Here are some more facts about this historic match:

  • Spain and the Netherlands have never played each other before in a major football game.
  • Holland has a better record with 2 finals (1974 and 1978), but Spain is the favorite given the team’s tight.
  • Spain’s best World Cup performance was a single 4th place in 1950.

If you are a fan of Spain or Netherlands, or you are just a football fan prepare to watch a great final.

Watch World Cup Final 2010 Live Online

Where to watch World Cup Final 2010 live online

The best choice to watch it online is BBC iPlayer.  The quality of the transmission and the commentators are exceptional. You will be able to see all the details you are interested in and many more.

How to unlock the iPlayer

The access to BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted to users located in the UK. Thus, if you are located outside UK you will need a UK VPN service to get you a UK IP address and unlock the player. Here are the services that I usually recommend for this:

Also, you can watch the Netherlands vs. Spain final here, along with a list of alternative live streams available in different locations.

What team is your favorite? Who do you think will win this match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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