How to Watch Hulu from outside US without Proxy or VPN

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As you probably know already, Hulu is a great place to watch US TV shows. Also, you know that Hulu is only available for users located in the United States. The problem can be easily overcome by using proxies (cheaper, but not always working) or VPN services (a little bit more expensive). Learn how to watch Hulu without VPN from outside the US.

Today, I found about a trick that makes watching Hulu from outside the US even simpler. A small Firefox plugin modifies one of the HTTP headers and makes Hulu ignore that you are not located in the US.

Here are the steps that need to be done:

Step 1. Install Modify Headers add-on on your Firefox browser.

Step 2. In Firefox, click Tools menu and then Modify Headers. In the new window, type inX-Forwarded-For the first box, in the second box and leave the third empty. Click Add button.

Watch Hulu without VPN

Watch Hulu without Proxy

Step 3. Click on Configuration button and check Always On.

Watch Hulu without VPN - Modify headers

Step 4. Go to and load a video. It should work. It does for me:

Watch Hulu

Even this is a good news, I don’t believe it will last. In the meanwhile, enjoy!

P.S. If it does work for you and you want to watch Hulu in good conditions you should check these US VPN providers.

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  • zhang Aug 4, 2010

    I can open the web ,but I can not watch the video

  • jon Aug 4, 2010

    Working perfectly here in the UK :o)


  • gus Aug 5, 2010

    works great! thank you

  • gustav Aug 6, 2010

    works flawlessly.
    thank you

  • jorge Aug 7, 2010

    Really works, thanks!!

  • gus Aug 10, 2010

    doesn’t work anymore for me as per 10 august. it was fun while it lasted.

  • Jarrod Aug 23, 2010

    It works perfectly on Vevo, but it doesn’t stream video in from Hulu. It says I’m out of the US. Well, looks like it isn’t as good as you think.

  • Brian Murphy Aug 31, 2010

    No, this trick does not work ! I tried and other ip’s and get message of you are in the USA !

    Another workable tricks ?


  • HideIP Admin Aug 31, 2010

    @Brian Murphy – It seems that does not work anymore. It still remains the VPN solution.

  • poster Oct 9, 2010

    Probably it would have been still working if the guy did not tell that to the public using this web page.
    The guys from Hulu find out that they have a major missing in their security check where the visitors are coming from and they fixed it.
    Revealing secrets to the public does not serve the public, but to their oppressors !

  • MB Feb 27, 2011

    does not work.

  • John k Jun 13, 2011

    I use UnoTelly. It’s a specialized way to unblock Hulu and other restrictions. (
    While you can’t do the normal VPN stuffs like anonymous browsing, it’s a lot cheaper than VPN if all you want is to watch Hulu outside USA.

  • Minipixu Aug 9, 2011

    damn it. its not working anymore. I’ve missed. I guess im gonna get VPN then. Thanks anyway.

  • Chris Sep 8, 2011

    Works great here in Germany! Thx so much!!! This is truely awesome 🙂

  • Chris Sep 8, 2011


    ahh damn…. HULU doesnt work for me… CNN did though!

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