How To Watch Both Hulu And BBC iPlayer From Outside US/UK

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Hulu and BBC iPlayer are probably the most visited video streaming sites by users from outside US and UK. There was a time when Hulu could be unlocked with the free VPN, Hotspot Shield, but those times are gone. The only solution to unblock Hulu and iPlayer is by using VPN services, the only ones that provide enough speed to watch the videos.

There are plenty of services that offer US IP addresses and unblock Hulu like HideMyAssibVPN, ExpressVPN and PureVPN. Also there are services that provide UK IPs and can be used to unblock the BBC iPlayer.

Both Hulu and BBC iPlayer with the same VPN?

What if you are leaving in Australia and you want to watch both Hulu and BBC iPlayer? Get a VPN service that exposes both US and UK servers in the same package.

unblock Hulu and iPlayer

Unblock Hulu and iPlayer - HideIPVPNHideIpVPN, that I have presented last week, provides such a package for $9.99/month. But if you are lucky you can get a free account. HideIpVPN gives away about 100 free accounts each month. Unfortunately, the account for this month are already given, but you can get one next month. I will let you know when theya re available again.

If you purchase the premium HideIpVPN package you can use both PPTP and OpenVPN connections. OpenVPN is more secure and more stable, but if you are not extremely concerned about your anonymity I recommend you to use the PPTP as it provides better speed. (If you are interested to find more about the differences between the PPTP and OpenVPN read this post.)

You will be able to create 2 connections: one for the US IP and one for the UK IP. By changing them as you like you will be able to watch both Hulu (with US IP) and BBC iPlayer (with UK IP).

>> HideIpVPN

How do you unblock Hulu and iPlayer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • VPN in China Apr 13, 2010

    This is a good article, there aren’t many providers that offer both countries for a low price.
    I’ve been happy so far with Pro VPN Accounts to watch Hulu.

    I don’t use iPlayer but I’m sure it would be great to have UK access for iPlayer. For people in the UK I think it’s a must to go with a UK VPN.

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