How-to-hide-ip in 2010


How-to-hide-ip in 2010

Firstly, I want to wish you all “Happy New Year!”. Let’s hope that 2010 will be better from all points of view including online freedom.

Here, at How-to-hide-ip, there are several things that will happen this year. I believe that they will to the benefit of all seeking online privacy and anonymity.

  1. More and more giveaways will be offered. After the experience with the Christmas Giveaway I realized there are a lot of users that are really in need for hide ip solutions, but thay do not afford to purchase them. I will try to convince as many producers as possible to give away accounts on regular basis.
  2. A review of the whole “brand” of How-to-hide-ip is on the way and a redesign will flow out of that.
  3. I’m planning to finish and launch an e-book about hide ip tools and VPN services. I’m working on it for a while and it would be great if I’ll be able to get it finished this month. It will be larger and better 🙂 than the short report Protect Your Privacy Now! that is available at this moment. I’ll will get back to you on this in a few days.
  4. A server upgrade is necessary due to the increased traffic (close to 100k unique visitors per month).

What do you expect from How-to-hide-ip in 2010?

Would love to hear your thoughts on what info would you like to find on How-to-hide-ip in 2010.

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  • glikson Jan 5, 2010

    Hi man.
    Today I could not reach this site and it’s probably dew to server problems as you explained it.
    Great to hear you working hard on new e-book concerning internet privacy , I’d be glad to read it.
    As for new giveaways to come- it’s great to hear, but I think you made the greatest one before New Year. Thanks for that, and keep up your good work.

  • Fausty | Jan 5, 2010

    I suspect you’ve already heard far more than you ever wanted to, from me, about what I think the market most needs & is currently missing in terms of the work you’ve taken the lead in doing in 2009. Whatever path you choose, here’s to a great 2010 for your efforts to increase awareness & understanding of the many tools available to increase personal security online.


    – fausty

  • hideipuser Jan 5, 2010

    Happy 2010.

    We really enjoyed this holiday season with your great giveaways. Thanks and wish you good luck to keep up the good work for the rest of the year.

  • AdGato Jan 5, 2010

    Happy New Year!

    More reviews on new programs, more giveaways … surely.

  • mohsen Jan 5, 2010

    hi , happy new every year (lifetime).
    More reviews on new softwares, free services, interesting news.
    tip and tricks to bypass filters.

  • Murphy Jan 5, 2010

    I’m glad to hear that .
    Best regards and Happy New Year to you and your family !

  • Hail Jan 6, 2010

    Pal,you absolutely rock man!Just saw my name in winner’s list in HideIPVpn giveaway as you know I over the moon,this is the best new year gift I have ever had.Mere words aren’t enough to appreciate your generosity and work,I wish you and your family all the best wishes.I feel bad for those who didn’t win a single giveaway,will see what good free ip hiding service are there and post it here.Please feel free to contact me on my e-mail,would love to hear your suggestions and advice.For next giveaways I hope to see some new players in the game.Thanking you…

    with regards,

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