check ip ipadIf you own an iPhone, then you know that it can act as a hotspot. What is even more interesting is the fact that an iPad can connect to your iPhone and track your location. In other words, a tethered iPhone can send GPS to Wi-Fi iPad allowing you to track your location.

Data can be pulled from the iPhone via a wireless tether and sent to the iPad. This, however, is only possible if you know the iPad IP address which will enable you to make the few configurations needed to have yourself a tracking iGadget. This is a very simple to set up, and it only requires that you have a Wi-Fi nearby and of course an iPad 2.

Firstly, connect to the Wi-fi

Navigate to the “Settings” on your iPad and select the “Wi-Fi” option on the sidebar.

Tap on the arrow located next to the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. The iPad will begin searching for all the available networks that are broadcasting and within range. Select from the list the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to and tap on the network name to try to attempt to connect to it.

Enter the wireless encryption password if the network is protected.

Secondly, find the assigned IP address

Once you complete the connection process, the iPad will present with a list of all the settings including the IP address it has obtained from the network. You can then use this IP address to connect or access it via other devices on the network.

Another solution

Alternatively, it is also possible to check IP iPad address by logging into the hotspot device, which could be a router, and accessing its list of connected devices. From here you can easily tell the IP address by identifying its name on the network. Some software applications, like those that come with Cisco devices, also allow you to view the network and determine what devices are connected with their IP addresses.  However, in all cases, the iPad needs to first connect to a network before you can identify its IP address.

Check IP iPad – The public IP address

If you want to find the public IP address directly navigate to You will find not only the IP but also other publicly available info regarding the IP.