How To Blog Anonymously

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If you are interested in hiding your trails while blogging, there is a great guide on Learn how to blog anonymously.

The article advises you to use some of the following simple privacy precautions:

Use a Pseudonym and Don’t Give Away Any Identifying Details

When you write about your workplace, be sure not to give away telling details. These include things like where you’re located, how many employees there are, and the specific sort of business you do.

Use Anonymizing Technologies (e.g. is a service that offers anonymous blog hosting for free. You may create a blog there with no real names attached. Even the people who run the service will not have access to your name.

Use Ping Servers to promote your posts

If you want to protect your privacy while getting news out quickly, try using ping servers to broadcast your blog entry for you.

Limit Your Audience

Many blogging services, including LiveJournal, allow you to designate individual posts or your entire blog as available only to those who have the password, or to people whom you’ve designated as friends.

Don’t Be Googleable

If you want to exclude most major search engines like Google from including your blog in search results, you can create a special file that tells these search services to ignore your domain. The file is called robots.txt, or a Robots Text File. You can also use it to exclude search engines from gaining access to certain parts of your blog.

Register Your Domain Name Anonymously

Even if you don’t give your real name or personal information on your blog, people can look up the WHOIS records for your domain name and find out who you are. If you don’t want anyone to do this, consider registering your domain name anonymously.


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