Sometimes your access to different sites is restricted. I am going to present how to use Google Translator as a proxy and access restricted sites. Learn how to use Google Translator proxy.

As you probably know, Google is more than a search engine; it provides a lot of services like email, news, mapping, etc. One of these services is Google Translator, that, here is the good news :), can be used as a proxy. What a proxy does is to receive data from a requested site and forward it to you. This way the site sees the requests coming from the proxy, not from you.

How to use Google Translator proxy

What you have to do is to type in your browser the following URL: =en&sl=auto&tl=fr& ( stands for the URL you need to go to…).

You will get the translated page from French (or any other language) to English (the page is already in English :)). The result is that your connection is redirected to and the page it won’t be blocked.

Important! This trick lets you see restricted pages but doesn’t hide your IP address. Just go to =en&sl=auto&tl=fr&u= to see your IP is not hidden!

Happy Surfing!