How Interesting Is Your IP Address?


Update: IPSpotting is no longer available! You may check your IP address here.


IPSpotting - How interesting is your IP address? shows a lot of funny “information” about your IP address. You can see if your IP contains prime or odd numbers, how your IP looks as a bitmap and if it resembles with anything, it shows your IP as a poker hand, as a color, as a UNIX date, a point on a map, etc. Finally, you get a score.

The most interesting IP checked there is It contains 3 prime numbers, it looks like a man skiing, all numbers are odd, it is a good poker hand :), produces a valid barcode, etc. Nice…

I got only 19, so my IP is not very interesting.

How much did you get? Is your IP interesting? Have you tried IPSpotting? What hide IP tools are you using?

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