How Do I Mask My IP While At School?

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Q: I need to hide my IP address while I’m at school this summer.  How do I do that?

Greg,   California

A.      Hello Greg.  The simplest way to mask IP Address would be to use a proxy site. A proxy site is exactly what it sounds like:  A website that allows you to hide your IP Address while you’re browsing the Internet.

Now, you may have a little trouble if you’re using a private laptop or desktop computer in your dorm.  Not so much trouble, just that it’ll get annoying to use a proxy site every time you want to get on the Internet.  It will be ideal though, if you are using a public computer such as in a library or a research lab.  Sometimes those will block certain sites.

The main reason that you may want to use a proxy site in the school is that membership to some websites require a unique IP address for each account.  If someone else happens to have a membership to the same site, it could flag you for cheating or whatnot.  A proxy site would scramble your address so that it doesn’t register on the website’s server as belonging to that University.

You can try for example (no longer available) that would mask IP to one from Phoenix, Arizona. Here is how to do it: How to Change Your IP Address With an IP Address from Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Best of luck to you, Greg, I hope this helps.


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