HotSpot Shield Can Still Be Used to Access Hulu

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As of this week, Hulu is able to detect proxy servers. This means that if you are located outside the US and you are trying to access Hulu using proxy tools you’ll get the following message:

Hulu detects proxies

Hulu detects proxies

There have been bloggers (Chris Wooddill, Mike Haugland) that have reported that Hulu could not be accessed anymore using HotSpot Shield. It seemed that Hulu had blocked the IPs used by HS.

The good news is that now it works. Patrick Soon, from Soon Tech News, says he was able to access Hulu via Hotspot Shield today without problems. He thinks this was due to the fact that Hotspot Shield is now showing an IP address for White Plains, NY instead of the traditional Englewood, Colorado. Also, Patrick suggests removing the cookies before accessing Hulu.

I was also able to access Hulu using Hotspot Shield. So, I suppose, the problem with Hotspot Shield is for now solved. The bad news is that I think this will not last. As Hulu has started to detect proxies and VPNs, there will be a constant fight against tools that overcome their geo-locating system.

Is Hulu and HotSpot Shield work for you?

P.S. If Hotspot Shield does not work for you or does not provide enough speed for watching Hulu, then check a VPN service like HideMyAss or ibVPN.

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